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  • I have been doing fibreglass nails for the last 25 years. They are my preference because of durability and much thinner. Lately though I have been having trouble with the mesh. After I get that sorted out, things should be back to normal. They are very much like your own. I use about 7 different brands of tips because of the variety of shapes with clients but for the most part I use Eclipse tips. I have the best luck with that particular brand. No lingering odor, very little dust and no weight. I guess it depends on whose doing them as to thickness, but if the gels or acrylic's are too thick you can feel the weight. Fibreglass feel like your own, at least that has been my experience and I get a lot of positive feedback from clients. Anyone can put on horrible nails. I've seen beautiful sets of every type. You just have to try them all and make your decision.

    Classy Claws
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