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    Tsunami Help

    I really hope Mui is ok and her family, I send my thoughts and prayer. Incidently has anyone had news of her?
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    Question about ratio.....

    Ummmm this is going to be a doozy but I'll try. I'm working on improving the ratio of my mixes, I pay attention to the aspect of the brush, if it looks wet enough with monomer but when I "draw" a line across the powder the bead is still too wet, I re-dip it in powder and now its too dry. Is...
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    The flag of a brush.....

    Pardon my ignorance, but I've never heard of that expression... "flag", can someone explain where is that part on the brush and why its called a flag? Thank u, Kat
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    I am so upset

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem, I hope it can be fixed and that your doing better. Luv Kat ;)
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    sculpting on very short nails.....

    I found Anna from Toronto's tutorial on how to sculpt bitten nails with gel....would you say the method of application is different with acrylic? Or could I just follow the tutorial as it is written and simply switch system? Here is the link:
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    sculpting on very short nails.....

    OK! I got the acrylic powder & liquid, got square forms, but I'm having a hard time fitting the form securely underneath the free edge because my natural nail has no free edge right now. Any tips on how to secure the form and laying the first layer would be welcome, also if you have tips &...
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    lurker saying hi!

    Hi girls, I'm also a newbie and just luv this site and the people, they have been so patient and helpful that the only thing I can tell you is that you couldn't have found a better "family" to join. Well thats all, thought I'd say hello! :D ;) Kat
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    I'm back!!

    Heyyyyyyyyyy Good to have you back hun! :D Missed U loads and welcome back to the family...... :biggrin: Ta taaaaaaaaaaaa ;) Kat
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    Causes of soft & week nails......

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! I knew there was a logical answer......ty Pinky :green:
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    Causes of soft & week nails......

    Question for Mr. Geek or Mrs. Geek..... :green: When you soak off your enhancements and file the softened acrylic, I noticed that I used to have much stronger nails before applying nail enhancements and since then my nail has gone really soft and tears at the tip of my natural nails....... I...
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    Psycological assessment #2: Animal

    W O L F Wise Playful Perseverant
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    Psycological assessment#3: Place

    Rocky Mountains :eek: Majestic :suprised: Misterious :eek: Beautiful
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    Psycological assessment: Colour

    P U R P L E Spiritual Power Arcane
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    2 tone glitter acrylics

    Oooooooooh this looks precious! :) Luv it! Good work! Kat
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    Setting the boundries

    Is his family part of the staff? Do the staff's nails as offered just 1-2 days (or the time it takes to do it to the staff) and say to the owner that your feeling generous and that you decided to extend the promotion to family and friends at a special rate for 1 week. The main thing here is that...