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  • Hi, Im ok hun & have had a busy week at work this week. I still dont feel well though & I have got a problem with my feet (peripheral neuropathy)..bit of a nightmare.

    Glad you had agreat holiday, bet you are lovely & brown. You will soon lose the weight hun.
    Wow, straight back to it, bet you are tierd.
    I have got Konad now & I love it....cant stop playing lol. I also have the additives. Im spoilt for choice now though. xx
    Wow hun I bet you are ready for your hols. Im glad you have got your car back....and moving in a must feel like you are in a whirlwind lol.
    I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks & I have got the additives so have been having fun playing lol.
    The kids are fine, I love being wiht them.
    Have a fab holiday if I dont speak to you before....tell me all about it when you get back xxx
    Ahhh thank you sweetie just at mummy's having hot chicken sand yummy yummy
    Ooooh sunny tiger nails grrrr xxxx
    Hello. Lovey how's you you had a good day?
    Yeah diet stars again on Thursday hehe nothing planned manage to book day if though so that's good
    You getting excited for holidayyyyyy xx
    Hello lovely hows you? ooooh bet your excited about holiday
    hun I did nil enchancements today just buffed then just put gelish colour then top coat will that be ok?

    its ssssoooooo muggy isnt it?
    Take care lots of love xx
    Hello sweetie hows you?
    Ooooh where you off to on holiday ?
    We was going away for my BIG special birthday but I haven't lost enough weight so I won't
    Go boohoo !

    You busy today I have three but I try to only work till 1 on Saturday if I'm been busy in the week , but doesn't work out like that my last house call is at 3 but only up the road so that's not too bad

    Anyway hun you have agood weekend xx
    Ooooh did you watch BBrov ? Who was evicted do you know I
    Just couldn't keep my peepers open had a
    Busy day too old got this work hehe xxx
    What would you do got s client who had nail extension Not with me and she has come to me get nails are split but wants Gelish what could I do
    Do you think s couple layers oh gel over hop then Gelish xx
    Hey up chuck,
    I'm good thank you, yeah have that one as well they arrived before my client had came and she had it that day then my next lady I'm very pleased with those two I have brought colours and not shifted xx
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