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  • Hello my dear how's you yes
    It's well worth it it's beautiful it chances Colour I'm wearing it as we speak we write sometimes it looks very red pink then bronze on some angles then Just different I deffentley
    Don't feel I waisted my penny's cx
    Its my day off on wednesdays so I've been catchig up with cleanin g etc (boring). I have also bees to S2 for some bits. I got a couple of new irresistable glitters (look fab) & I will be trying one of them out tomorrow....I will put a pic on.

    My kids went to the same upper school as me & it was strange going back, as you said, lots of memories.

    lets hope for a sunny weekend.

    I dont know wher we are going yet, shes a travel agent & gets fab deals so we are waiting until a good one comes up.

    Its hard to chill when you are so stressed hun, lets hope for the better weather next week.xx
    ooh how exitting, you will be planning your new salon :)

    Where are you going on holiday? I'm hoping to get a week away with my friend in september .

    Hi hun, we are al fine thanks....grandchildren are keeping me busy. I am not liking the weather at tan is fading fast lol.

    wow, sol your house in 6 days, thats amazing. Im glad you have found a house that you like. Does it need anything doing to it or is it all to your taste?
    Its not the same having a hire car is it?You get use to your own.

    I was really quiet last week, but am a bit busier this week, Im still building it up really. Are you busy?

    I have lost 10lbs already & am still going strong with the healthy eating.

    Hope the move isnt too stressful....happy packing lol xx
    Hello my dear how's you?
    Well I got intouch with that lady who had the discoloured Gelish , and she said oooh I like it now it's like a tye dye Colour now she coming back next week what do I do? What would you do ? Xxx
    Hey Hun
    Thank you I rang them just sent it back buy of a pain never mind!
    Got to do them all again to make them happy again free of charge
    Have you done a Gelish nail art Course? Xx
    I ate & drtank way too much lol, I put on a stone, so Im back to the healthy eating now.

    OMG, how awful to have an accident like that. You must have been so scared. At least you weren't hurt, but its awful that the car is so badly damaged. I hope he gets prosecuted.

    You have got a lot going on if you have puut your house up for sale, it can be so stressful.

    My grandchildren are great thanks, they keep me busy when Im not at work.

    Take care hun xx
    Hi hun, how are you?
    I got back from my hols last Thursday night. It was fab & I didnt want to come home. I am really brown, but the weathers so awful that I cant show my tan off lol.

    I was back to work Friday afternoon :(.

    Have you been busy? What have you been up to? xx
    Lol, you're welcome :wink2: He is divine, was so gutted when I finished book 3, I want more!!!! :D
    Hi hun, Im fine, grandchildren both great. Isaac doesnt take m uch notice of Isobel tbh, well apart from giving her kisses.
    I was busy yesterday, but am really quiet today & I have 2 shellac & 2 tans tomorrow. I am still trying to build up my customer base, its steady, but I need more regulars. I am going to go round the local mother & toddler groups next week with some pricelits & money off vouchers. I did it at slimming world & weight watchers & got quite a few customers from it.
    Congrats on the weight loss hun, bet you feel loads better. I am where I want to be now which is great as I go on holiday a week on monday. Mind you, I will put some on while im away lol.
    Im ready for some sun cos Im sick of all this rain.
    Are you going to go to professional beauty in Manchester in October? I have just registered for my ticket. xx
    I will put some pics up later on.
    Im quite busy this week as well, I have a few holiday bookings though.
    I did lots of camping when the kids were small & I loved it....wouldnt want to do it now though, hotels all the way for me.
    Christian ( my partener) is doing the garden next weekend, taking a wall down & putting a new fence up so I will have to amuse myself. I can feel a shopping trip coming on lol x
    Hi, yes they're keepoing me busy & I've been really busy at work with all this hot weather & people going on holiday. Have you been busy?
    I have been sitting in the sun on my days off, but, its supposed to cool down tomorrow :(.
    What have you been up to? Do you have anything planned for the bank holiday weekend? x
    Hi, She was born yesterday at 6.01pm, weighing 8lbs 6oz. Isobel Jane. She is adorable. It was amazing seeing her being born. They are home now & doing really well. I have been there all day today. She has a big brother Isaac who is 18 months old, he doesnt seem that interested in his new sister yet lol.x
    I havent been up to much at all. My daughter's babt is due tomorrow so Im spending all my spare time with her helping with Isaac who is 18 months old. I'm going to be there at the birth along with her partner & I cant wait.
    My friend came to see me last night & we had way too much to drink, but we had such a laugh.
    I have a quiet week at work coming up so will have to get promoting again xx
    Thanks for that hun, Im going to do the shellac & see how it goes, I will let you know.
    How are you??? You been up to anything exiting? xx
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