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  • Hi hun I've been busy working & promoting my business ( boring lol).
    I have started my diet & training & havelost 5lbs in a week :).
    You are doing well hun....looking good xx
    Hi Kattyj,

    I'm really sorry only just realised you sent me a message in January asking ne how I was getting on with gelish! I'm doing ok thanks, building my colours slowly. Have a few mire clients for the gelish now, only 4, not many, but enough for now. I'm doing a pedicure tomorrow with gelish so a bit nervous! I did have 2 clients the other week who I did together and one of them, a nail chipped, only difference between the two was that I didn't dry brush the one that chipped. I went to her house though 7 miles away and repaired it! How is business for you?

    Hi hun, did you have a good easter break? I didnt do much, but we did get our holiday booked. Going to torremilinos in June.x
    keep up with the rowing hun, but try & vary your workouts rather than just rowing at the same speed. Write down what you eat, its the only way to not cheat I think. Im off to bed now so will chat tomorrow. I can advise you of some workouts on the rower & about your diet if you like xx
    To be honest, not much. Its hard for a woman to gain muscle weight. if I was weight training hard, with heay weights every day ( which i do in the summer to get my toned look ), I am extremely happy if I gain 4 lbs of lean muscle. With 2 hours a week rowing, I wouldnt think you would have gained more than 3 to 4 lbs of lean muscle.
    Do you split your rowing up? what do you do on the rower?

    Also, it sounds like my kind of food & lots of booze lol xx
    Your break sounds fab & relaxing...a hot tub, wow.
    London was great, but busy, my feet are killing me lol. We did Oxford st, thames cruise, camden market. covent garden & caught a bit of sun in hyde park. I was glad to rest my feet today though. We went to 2 shows, Billt Elliot & Caberet, they were both fab. x
    My mum died 4 years ago & my daughter 2 years ago so its a hard day in some ways.
    We took my peartners mum for a pandora charm, then later my daughter Sammi came to see me with her partner & son. My OH cooked a lovely sunday lunch for us all, so I had a lovely afternoon. Im having a few cheeky ones now & chillin out. x
    oh lovely pressie.
    My pamper evening went well too, I had back to back bookings & sold some retail too. Made £65 so it was good. I did a shellac party last night too & was fully booked today so had a busy week & am chilling now with my 6th bottle :)
    Sorry I missed your birthday hun, hope you had a great day & got spoiled.
    I'm having a cider you are right. Are you having a drink too?xx
    Thanks hun, its a wall transfer, not wallpaper....effective isnt it?
    I love, its a pleasure going to work :)
    I have added pics of my salon. they are in the thread " you show me your set up & I'll shw you mine" hope you like it x
    Its going really well so far yep. Your ladies night will be a good earner wont it?

    My OH is asleep on the couch next to me lol....mind you, my eyes are getting heavy after 6 bottles of cider x
    Ha, I wondered where you had gone. I was really busy yesterday, been decorating today so will hopefully have some pics to upload next week if we get finished. I have a really busy week next week, mothers day fair on Tues night, shellac party Friday night, fully booked Saturday & a few booking through the week......tierd thinking about it.
    I've had a few cheeky ones tonight :)

    Hope you are well hun xx
    I will put some pics up when I've finished the last few bits. I know what you mean about getting busy suddenly, it happened to me on Friday. I went from having one booking to being fully booked all day. It was great x
    I may look at the Manchester show as its nearer to me, but not until October x
    Haha, I told my oh how much I learn on here, I'm not sure he sees the word association game as learning though lol.

    I didnt go to the show, I was too busy decorating my room. I have quite a few booked in & had a couple of walk ins today as well.
    When is the NEC show, I might look at going.
    Do you have a bosy week ahead? xx
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