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  • hey Katykitten,
    you are the first to know, but I am coming down to Cardiff on July 3rd to do colon massage training. If you know of anyone that would like to train in this fantastic massage then pass my details on pls. (pre requisite of body massage).
    yes, I am hoping to do that odd bit of training in cardiff, possibly beginning of July.

    Just been taking the mick out of my sister, she is in a car rally in Swansea park today, I asked her "who's park is that recreational area?"

    Do you think that their is a call for holistic training in Cardiff?
    Thanks Katie, I think I might upload some pics, my nail are not very good yet but would be good to get some feed back. Never really thought about going onto facebook, are you on? Phil x
    Hi Katy, thanks for asking, Fantastic I'm love it, Katie Ellison is a great educator and I am learning so much, just finished tonight's homework and sitting here with one hand with enhancements on :), finding it a bit hard with the mix ratio and judging the bead size but I just need to practice. Phil x
    Hi Katy, Glad you are doing ok and it is great that the salon is so busy, if you ever need to chat just pm me. Everything with me is fine thanks, start my CND course on Monday (yay) with Katie in Liverpool. x
    Yes all moved in now, just need to sort out my nail room and I am fit to go...Glad you have things to take your mind off stuff. If you ever need a shoulder or need to rant just pm me hun...xxxx
    As long as you keeping busy and have support, Big hugs. Thanks for the compliment on my studio.
    You're welcome, I just hope you are gradually seeing your way through all this, glad to hear you were staying with your sister who will be able to help and support you emotionally. It does get better, really, but takes time. Sending you a hug x x
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