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  • Aaww thank you :) that's really kind of you. I like to think they are ok but there are so many amazing techs on here who can do some fabby stuff that I would love to just but just cant! I'm not always th most imaginative either lol xx
    No worries chick, saw you were in Thurrock like me & I like to make friends with all local therapists x
    Hi Kayley, I just answered your pm, I'm not mobile, I have a homebased salon. I would def try Kerry as I think she may be closer to you and she is amazing :0)
    Where are you in the UK honey? I asked him to make me it one day and he gave me it the next.
    Hey Kazzi, I paid £25 but he said it would be £30 if anyone else wanted one. He done a fantastic job and used real oak wood on the main bits. I love mine, it has pride of place in my salon. He doesnt have a website but if you wanted one we could arrange it X
    Hi Kazzii :))

    I have just seen your post on geekbay (the eyelash kit)...do you have a picture you could poss send me?! I am really interested in buyin this kit :)

    Thanks Emma xx
    Aw thankyou and bless you :o, im not that good, not has good as half on here but thankyou anyway it was really nice for you to say so. Its nice to hear good feedback on our nails! :)
    Oh believe me, when i first started, i used to tear my hair out! My language was rather choice too-lol
    You'll get there, it just takes practice x x
    Log into ellisons and have a look. at least on there you can get an idea of the prices! I know a lot of geeks now are being very frugal with their pieces of minx and stretching it to to, sometimes three sets. I love it, its easy peasy. Get your exams outta the way then see. Good luck! x x
    Hi hun.... hmmmm... The none technical answer is... Its a film that you peel off the sheet after a pedi or mani and apply to the nails using heat. It sort of shrink wraps itself to the nail, the heat activates a super strong adhesive. It lasts about 7-10 days (with care) on fingers, and wweeks and weeks and weeks on toes. There are heaps of designs, and lots of metallics, they give you an effect you just can't achieve with polish. If you have a mani cert you can get in touch with sweet squared who supply it, and open an account to order it. Its fab, and very popular. Its my fave thing to wear on toes. The golden cheetah looks AMAZING! Have a look in the groups tab, there is a minx group, and use the search function to look for minx threads, you'll find everything you need to know on there. hth x x
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