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  • Hey
    Ive just tx Leela
    Could you call her or email or 07578437941

    My no is Sam - 07794075348 and if you need anything xx
    Yes i only do this about 5 hrs a week on my days off, and as and when for training xx Send me all you details and i will forward to Leela
    Just name, telephone and address will do x
    I have been doing it for nearly one year, could you pass on my info,that would be great thank you so much.

    Do you do this part time, sounds very interesting.

    I dont know whether we have trainers in your area, but you can email Puri-Tan from the website, or i could pass on details, you need to have been tanning for a year x
    Hi, yes i am and i do tanning too, i work for puri-tan as a trainer .
    I am interested in soak off gels and gonna try opi axxium soon, as i love calgel and biosculpture but not trained in them
    Hi sorry I dont come on here much any more as giving up but I got my valance from majestic towels, I just cut a hole out for the face hole.....hope all going well : )

    glad things are going well for you in the salon! are you getting busy already? are you still doing treatments at home? glad you are enjoying it!

    i am from the northwest, nowhere near surrey :) x
    hello! hope you don't mind me posting on here, i just wanted to ask how you are getting on? i haven't read any posts from you for a while - hope that's a sign that you are oober doober busy and enjoying your new role! :D x
    Hey I thought I would say HI as you are not too far away from me, I am in Sussex but I travel to Surrey all the time :) xx
    Hi Keeleyp. Yes I am, please send me an email to and I will tell you what I have. Already had a slap for saying I was selling on here, don't want another lol!
    hey sent you a private message as I was blethering too much and it wouldnt fit here lol x
    Hi Keeley, I do have some pics, as soon as I figure out how to re-size them on my computer I'll upload them, god Im such a technophobe! Will let you know when I've sorted it x
    Hi Keeley, I don't mind you asking. All i can suggest is that you practice as much as you can, it will come to you eventually. Try not to worry about it too much as worrying will cause you to forget. I used to try and split up the routine, so remembering all the eye movements seperately if you know what i mean? Good luck x
    and you had the same problem with both white and clear tips?

    I think you'd get a better idea of the problem if you'd have seen the enhancements on your client.
    the only thing I can think of is that maybe you didn't work your first layer in to the nail enough, but that doesn't explain the 'soft' feeling your client had, that would indicate undercuring, but it would have to be VERY indercured for that to happen.
    You have to remove the shine on the tips, otherwise the gel's got nothing to adhere to.
    Also, were you using white tips by any chance?
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