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    Problem with tips.

    Thanks guys there deaf wernt no air bubble because im always aware of it. the tips i use are the ones i got given when i was training and which i have continued to use which i buy from the wholesalers near me. i just cant understand how all the others are fine and this one isnt when i have done...
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    Problem with tips.

    Hey geeks. I really need some advice. i had a client on weds evening and did a full sett of tips with white and clear gel. i did what i normally do and prepped the nails. after i was really pleased with the result and she booked me again in 4 weeks as she is on holiday. i said to show them...
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    First French Manicure

    Hey geeks. Help me its my first french manicure today. Ive done loads of manicures in my lunch break at work and have no problems with these at all but now i have a french to do. im not that worrid but just panicking on the white tip, i have got quite a good nail varnish its just trying to...
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    Could No One Help Me

    I asked for help a while ago on the french manicures could no one help me. Any advice i would really apriciate it. thanks.
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    french manicure.

    Hey guys, sorry i havent been on site for a while. been busy with my leaflet drops to get my name about without much sucsess. Iwork in a hospital and my name has got round i came in this morning with six people intrested in having there nails done, i couldnt belive my luck i had given up hope...
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    Silk wraps

    Fibreglass and silk are pretty much the same thing. When using silk you can place this on the natural nail or on a tip. Once you have placed this on the nail or tip you must use your brush on resin, by the time you have done all 10 nails it should be dry ready to apply another coat. activator...
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    how long till i get clients

    Recentley started as a mobile nail technician. Ive had all my leaflets printed and business cards done. For the last few days ive been out posting the leaflets through peoples doors, i no im not gonna get a influx of clients but i just wondered if any other mobile geeks can tell me how long till...
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    planning a wedding

    Ive booked my wedding for Aug 06. You do have to book so far in advance, people laugh at me as its 2 years away, but if u want something you have to book it. Ive already found my dress and started to pay it of but ive got plenty of time. Everything is pretty much done apart from the church...
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    I Think I Have A Name Now

    Hey guys. Ithink ive came up with name now. i took all the words and mixed them about and came up with KRYSTAL TIPS & TOES. what do u think feed back would be great.
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    I need a name.

    hey guys thanks for all helping me. ive taking a few words and came up with KRYSTAL TIPS & TOES what do you think feed back would be good.
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    I need a name.

    I need help thinking of a name to call myself. Because of where i was training we use new organic products called KRYSTAL, and if i can call myself somthing with krystal in it i get a discount on any products that i buy which when your buying in bulk it can be quite handy. ive had no...
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    nails to be soaked of

    Thanks guys for your help. I will try these ideas but the one i will find easier i think will be using the latex gloves as i can get them where i work.
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    nails to be soaked of

    Hey guys wondered if you could help me. What is the best way to soak of a set of tips. I have got tip remover but is it best to leave them soaking in a bowl first. wanted to no what is the best and quickest way without damaging the natural nail. Cheers.
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    Is It Me.

    I thought so i totally agree.I had a client come to see me to show what had happend to her. On her middle finger she had a blood blister from someone using one of these electric drills, they had burned right through her nail plate, i said it was down from swearing to much lol. Anyway thanks guys...
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    Is It Me.

    I just want to ask a question which might appear siily. Ive just recentley qualified as a nail technician and i learnt the blending with tip blender using a file by hand. Do many of you use this or do you use the electric file, i just wondered what was more popular as i keep seeing them used in...