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  • hiya hun

    how you doing av you had your kit yet?.....doing ok got 2 regulars that have a tan every week, an i'm averaging 1 or 2 new a week, waiting for some cards off vista print an sunday i put my name on a few free websites no phone calls yet tho lol
    Thats good im pleased for you. Yer im doing really good business has picked up alot this year so im very happy looking at booking my mani course this month sometime too xx
    Hello hun havent spoke to you in ages!!!! How are you? hows the nails coming along?? xxx
    hiya it was good i thought there was only gonna be 2 or 3 to do cos people kept dropping out but i ended up doing 7 no complaints so far lol had some good feedback tho got 2 booked in for 2mor got to get my arse into gear an get some leaflets printed start advertising are you going door to door with your flyers? have you done any ? how you finding it ?
    so far so good i don a male friend last night an its turned out really good, he's been out today an given my number to a few people because they thought it was lovely an asked him if i'd do them, i've spoken to a frined about the girl who charges £10 (i'm gonna ask the geeks a question about it now) and it was awful i don think she's been trainied or using sienna just their advertising have a read an see wha u think when i post the thread cant type it on here it a bit long windeed the story lol but i'm sticking to £20 for now cos i think where i live i wont be able to increase the price its easier to go down in a few weeks than up :) have you done any advertising yet ? x x
    i'm doing it for some women who i work with i'm charging £10 for a full body but i've told everyone its £20 for a full body, but if they have a party is 6 guests they all pay £15 an the host gets it free i'm also thinking of doing a loyalty card have 5 tans an get the 6 free i'm not sure about teh prices there a girl working from home is doing it for £10 which i'm thinking is so cheap uy the time i buy the stuff an pay for petrol i be doing it for free! what are you thinkin of charging ? x
    it's lovely had loads of compliments so well done, i've done 3 tan's sp far doing 2 more later (all been freebies so far for practice) got my first tanning party on friday night getting more nervious by the day lol
    av u got a machine yet
    Yeah, Im not sure why she doesnt respond to any emails, I was trying to get hold of products a while ago and she wouldnt reply?? She is no longer doing the training, if you ring Sienna X they will give you the name and number of the regional educator! Just go from there! I love the tan its a girgeous colour!

    Good luck xx
    Well good for you Kelly! Naturasun i use, its very popular! Well good luck with it all, i hope you do well! xxxx
    I do all things hands and feet and i have a spray booth! Ive just taken on a chiropodist so thats a little extra now 2! If you want to be a nail technician i advise you take it on full time as its an art and takes a long time to develope the skill to a high standard! You should try and get a job at a nail salon? xxxx
    Yes i would, i send staff training with them 2! Their not cheap but their good! I see you want to be a nail technician then? xxx
    Essex hun. Yes you can buy the dvd think they are about £8ish so not bad. Ive just put a pic in my album of my nails i did today!! xx
    No i have the EN dvd so just been having a play i must say i love it!! Its about 4.5 hours from ours to get to manchester and hubby would ahve to take me so its quiet difficult!! xx
    Im good thanks hun, thanks for my piccy comment. I really want to do my conversion with NSI but have been told they only do it at manchester which is no good for me x
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