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  • Hiya, thanks for the friendship chick. Only just started going on this site, its fascinating stuff! I still have a lot to learn about the whole industry, take care , Caz. x
    Thats is the trouble with bitters plus if there is any lifting at all they will pick!! x
    nail bitters dont get me started i have to agree that it is her fault as for the other one im stumped!! xx
    Are they on any medication? What do they do for work? have a good looka at there lifestyle hun is i was you as if its not happening on all clients it must be them and not you! xx
    hi x yea it included eyelash extensions which was great, ye your prob doing the right thing as long as your getting a bit of practice i, i got my insurance with professional beauty think it cost £39
    Hey chick yea im good ta just of to work in a mo, i did the eye enhancment course yesterday i right enjoyed it what you been up to
    Heya, i found the training with tantrick really good and its one of my favourite tans to use, ive found that tantrick max with dha drops is the best one i've used so far and my clients all prefer that one as well. Ive tried pretty much all of them.
    Its very few at the moment hun as im just trying to build my business up!! Yes i only do nails ive got a small son so am busy with him x
    No i havent and if im honest i have no interest in it!! Theres no call for it in my area so not worth me spending the money on it!! Hows you hun? xx
    I am fine thanks, i got some more nails to put on but having a
    nightmare getting them on lol
    Hi Kelly,
    absolutley no problem..just PM me your addy and job done ;0))
    hopw will you try the you already have a machine?
    hiya, yeah nails going ok.....havent done any for a while. just finished training as a beauty therapist so been practacing lots of beauty treatments. havent had any paying clients yet! so looking forward to getting a client base built up!.....looked into advertising n its sooo expensive, think il just stick to vista print! x have u had many clients yet?
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