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  • yea i have but theres a salon across the rd that does tanning and theres no room to do tanning in the salon lol
    thats great hun, im pleased for you. things are going well here really busy and i am doing an eye enhancement course with my mate who i work with in the salon on the 30th so looking forward to doing that :D another service to add to my list lol then hopefully going to do waxing for the summer.
    just checked your new nails out weldone hunny there really great you have really improved and you should be wel proud of yourself :D
    Excellent i love NSI i use there gel and there acrylic!! They have some lovely colour gels x
    Thats good your getting plenty of practise in then!! Are you using NSI products now? xx
    Im good hun just waiting for my results!! Nails are going great hun i did mine one mon using black acrylic piccy in my album xx
    Hi hun how r u?, had any more practice yet?, just got my results back and i passed with a credit in maintanence and acrylic. so happy its done now lol now just need more practice on ppl.
    wel we jus got to wait til we get some money for bond and stuff then we willlook properly,hope ur ok?x
    omg what a nightmare hun. hope everything works out cant wait for you get some pics on hun x
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