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  • No hun i used my dream lamp with NSI with no probs. I have since brought a new lamp but not from NSI!! xx
    thanks hun,im still not up to the standard of alot of the other geeks on here but i have definately improved and learnt alot since ive been a member of this im sure you will too.x
    Honestyly you will be amazed at the difference hun!! Let me know how you get on and when you send your assesment off. Take care xx
    Yes you can hun they do a gel sampler pack think its about £4.99 i would try it you will be amazes at the difference to dream!! I just looked at your pic of nails they look good i made a comment please dont take offence LOL x
    I actually didn't push cuticles back, i totally forgot and then remembered after i had done them, maybe that is one reason. I did their nails for free so i don't think they minded. So can you just buy NSI gel from the link you sent me?
    Yes it does hun just remeber when you do them on real people you prep needs to be extra carefull did you push cuticles back? TBH i hated the dream gel its crap i actually finished my course using NSI gel!! Dont be too down about you mates nails the first set i did on myslef only lasted about 5 days LOL xx
    I get my glue and NSI bits from here Nail Technician Supplies UK :: Acrylic Nail Technician Training . Try using a different glue but if it happens again i would look at your prep hun. Are you doing acrylic or gel? x
    I use NSI poly bond glue i like it cause its brush on so less mess!! and i get my tip from pro-impressions. If they came off that quick hun they were never on in the first place may have been the glue not very good quality!! or possibly your prep. Are you using dream products?
    What is perfect hun? What we think is perfect may be different to what Sarah thinks LOL its a tough one but if you think you can do better then do a few more!! Its catch 22 im afraid hun xx
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