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  2. Kellyc

    Spray Tanner required in Essex?

  3. Kellyc

    Spray Tanner required in Essex?

    Lol, no im moving into a new flat and i dont really offer nails and beauty anymore im pulling away from it and so dont want to start doing it regularly to then cancel on him so thought i would offer it to anyone here first if not i will do it, but i dont have the solution and thought one of you...
  4. Kellyc

    Spray Tanner required in Essex?

    Hi guys, i received a phone call from a man that requires a spray tan every 10 days he is a stripogram - calm down ladies lol!! he is living in Canvey Island at the moment and if anyone local to the area can help me please pm me, thanks x x
  5. Kellyc


    Hi Vicki, i know exactly how you are feeling right now as i am too, me and my ex split 7 months ago and it was the worst thing in my life, i felt and still feel as though a part of me is missing, i went on my first date monday and although this bloke is ok, he took me out and we had a good...
  6. Kellyc


    Hi Em, i am mobile and weekend nails are a great add on, especially for people with special occasions coming up and dont want to pay out for nail extensions, i normally just apply the tip, blend and then a very small coat of gel or just resin as geeg said, their really popular and i charge £15...
  7. Kellyc

    Essex Geek Meet!!

    hi hun, its my birthday on the 26th and im out for it on the 27th so wont be able to make it sorry xx
  8. Kellyc

    Essex Geek Meet!!

    Hi Sherrie, have a great birthday hun x
  9. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    They do give us party ideas and i do a handbag bingo game which is great for all ages and a real laugh and then i do a raffle as we sponser children on the edge and so i put a donation towards that. Its like anything nerve racking that it wont work the same as when you become a nail technician...
  10. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    Hi peeps, i cant comment much on Virgin Vie but i now use the body shop make up range and its getting better all the time there is a really great range available now and all sorts of things to choose from, the only thing i would say about body shop is the prices are better and it really sells...
  11. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    hi ya, you do have to book the parties yourself, i have had 2 so far and from that i have received quite a few party bookings, i did one of my friends and she had some of ehr work colleagues come to it and they have now booked, its easier than it sounds even if you dont know a lot of people but...
  12. Kellyc

    Room dividers/screens...

    Hi ya, i think i know what you mean ive got the wooden and canvas ones that also have clear plastic holders on them idel for putting stuff away i also have 2 and only really need 1, so if anyone is interested then please pm me x
  13. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    Hi ya, have a look on the body shop website or give their head office a call im sure you can become a consultant in USA x x x x
  14. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    Hi ya, thats the offer to join which is great at the moment. When she calls i would suggest having a chat with her and she will be able to explain everything to you. The first 6 parties are so they can register you and also so you can get practice it might sound a lot but my forst 6 of just my...
  15. Kellyc

    Could She Be Any Rougher?!

    aaaah i missed it last night please spill all im curious about this bottle?????