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  • When I was at school doing my A-levels (English literature & language, biology & psychology) I had planned to go to university to become a social worker or possibly a botanist, but changed my mind as I was tired of academic learning. I had always had a keen interest in skincare & massage, so decided to take a leap in direction after seeing the beauty course in the Chichester college prospectus. I started off doing the National Diploma but found it too easy & lacked the science & anatomy so I went onto the HND for a further two years full time (and 14 years or so ago full time meant 9 till 5 five days a week!).

    I have very few male clients, most of my clients are women between the ages of 35 & 65 and fairly affluent. I have never really bothered going for the male clientelle as I find it difficult relating to men!
    Hello! Thanks for the kind words about my salon! That's OK about the help on the Eve Taylor post, there's a never ending use of hydrolats!
    Uh do not ask, they told me i could have know more than two people per day and reqlistically they should not allow that. One complaint and that would be it. Know one is biddin on the manicure kit hun, so u should get a real bargain with that one. Cos they full salon size. Hope u win hun x
    lol it a small world, yeah that brill chic, been puttin my room back today into multi room, waxing and kids room, do not worry now children aload when have client. Feels a bit like an end of an era. Which bits are you interested in babes. At least with you fetching them saves me wrappin lol x
    arr you want to see my car !!! thats not a good photo of it. im a right geek when it comes to my car haha
    Hi Kelly, just came to see if you had a pic of your pink smart car on your profile!
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