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    Colouring facial hair

    So I’ve had a gent ask if I could help him with colouring his moustache after he’s grown it this month for charity. He’s naturally dark haired although I don’t know how dark his moustache will be when it’s grown! [emoji85] Obviously it’s going to be a bright colour which he wants to put to a...
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    Which hand do you hold the hair dryer in?

    I switch as I move around the clients head. Hairdryer is always nearest the front of the client so if I'm working on the right side of her head it's in my right with brush in left and vice versa. This is the way I was taught when I trained so it's stuck.
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    Level 4 to 7, no warmth

    Illumina 7/81?
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    Help with colour

    I have a client who is currently the first pic but wants to go "not so light on the ends". The Guy Tang pic is one of the pics she's sent me as inspiration so I'm just wondering how to go about this. I realise that I will need to balayage some pieces a bit higher up and probably get it pretty...
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    Dosage of Wella special mix 0/81

    Or 12/96
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    Little Mermaid hair

    I had a lady ask for Rihanna red a few weeks ago and she was a box coloured level 3, 2 at the ends! Lifted with bleach and then used colour touch 66/46 and and was pretty bright, but maybe not bright enough for your client. I also did a stretched root of kp 55/46 I think so that there wasn't a...
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    Little Mermaid hair

    Yes definitely pre-lighten first, you shouldn't need to lift it too much if it's already a 6.
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    Little Mermaid hair

    Colour touch 77/46. Then make tell her to keep it topped up with crazy colour fire mixed into conditioner?
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    Dosage of Wella special mix 0/81

    You put as many cm of special mix to round up to 11 from the base number. So if you're adding to a full tube of say 5/0 it's 7cm. Can someone please confirm that that's the formula for a full tube and not 30ml?
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    Hair has a pink tinge!

    This was 88/03 and 88/07 on top of level 9/10 at the top to make a subtle ombré.
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    Hair has a pink tinge!

    Oops, just checked it was 9/36 I was thinking of...obviously!
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    Hair has a pink tinge!

    I think 9/73 on the colour chart actually has a pinky tinge to it anyway if I remember correctly? If she wants it a bit warmer I'd just go over it with 9/03.
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    Wella 8/81 Colour Fresh

    Looks lovely though!
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    Wella 8/81 Colour Fresh

    Is that 8/81 colour touch though? Not colour fresh?
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    Rose gold help please

    Illumina 9/43?