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  • Since you found the MSDS for Bio shortly after you posted, your thread has been closed.
    Hi there, thanks for the message!! Yeah I havent been on here much either so no apologies thats fine :) Hope your well :) Just wondering, do you know when the shellac is comming to cnd greece?? We are having our launch here in Australia Monday 17th 'I cant wait!!' When's Creative Greece getting it in?? I haven't seen any ads yet :-( Chat soon take care xx
    Hey Kellym!!
    Hopefully end of April Il be back!! What do you mean by
    rent one?? A salon shop or the license??? Im really excited and cant wait to get into
    things!!! 2years is a long time to work for someone!! What is the place
    called where you apply for the license so I can keep that in my book
    for later reference. Im not sure if this helps Ive been living in Greece
    for the past 3 years I just popped into Australia for family and my nail study ofcourse! I have a house in Ioannina and I am married to my Greek partner. I dont know if any of this helps my sitiuation I know every country has there own system. I was told I can sit for an exam to apply now Im really confused, I spent lots of money for my course passed my assessments with 94-96% marks!!! I have certificates etc.

    So all I want to do is work for myself when I get there? There has to be another way
    I just want to work for myself.

    Thanks so much for you quick
    reply!!! Ive already got my bags packed!! Cant wait to head back!
    Australia is ok for a quick visit but Greece is where I belong, like I

    and thanks again!!!

    Hi Kellym, Sorry to bother you!!
    Just wondering how do I obtain a lisence to be a nail technitian in Greece? I have my nail technitian certificate from completing a couse at a beauty school in Australia (a highly regarderd school). What do I now do in Greece??? Im moving to Ioannina and want to open my own little shop. I cant seem to find any information on the internet!!! Can you help me or guide me in the right direction of who I need to speak to? Julia
    ps: I also love CND products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    i did not know this was you! How are things in beautiful Greece? PM me .Did you get the invite to Hawaii for October? Could they have arranged a CND GLOBAL EVENT any further away!!! xxx Karen
    thank you soooo much for my secret santa gift, it's lovely.
    Happy New Year
    With CND I dont have lift using cuticle remover but EzFlow dont use it during prep, tried it and had lift despite washing it off and dehydrating afterwards xx
    YES - email me to samantha@sweetsquared.com and tell me what you need and I will have the girls sort you out x
    Hey Sweetie - we miss you already! I hope you got home safe and sound and I so hope we get to see you in September. Hugs from The Bold Ones xoxox
    Hi kelly my name is Taneisha I am a licensed Nail Technician working in a spa. I was wondering if you could help me out. How do I get rid of hard flakey skin on someone feet without using the blade I use a foot file but... it doesn't do the best job on people with severly dry flakey feet. DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? If you do I would greatly appreciate it.
    teleia boubou akoma den ematha kala na kinoume alla ok!!!!!!kai to acryliko mia xara filia polla
    hey you eides pou se vrika!! ioanna naoussa
    hey you!eides pou se vrika ioanna naoussa
    Hi, thanks! The nails were hand painted, I don't use an airbrush.
    And, yes, that's me in the picture!
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