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    Micro ring hair extensions

    Hiya. Quick jump over from the nail geek! last summer I had glue in great lengths hair extensions which I loved as they looked fab but they got matted at the top very quickly and were very expensive. Ive heard a lot about micro rings extensions and wondered what you guys think? Also do you...
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    micro ring hair extensions

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    Pricing Minx & Shellac together?

    Minx on its own I charge £20.00, shellac same. I always put shellac base and top over my minx anyway on fingers. I charge £30.00 for minx and shellac colours together. X
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    Minx big toes! Not enough

    I use every last little piece of minx up! Minx and shellac look fab together, a perfect shellac manicure with minx just on the ring fingers looks great and ive found it very popular! dont waste any, it can all be used! I also cut shapes out of any left over bits, If i have a couple of fingers...
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    Minx big toes! Not enough

    Depending on the patterns I turn the 2nd biggest minx on its side. I tend to get 2x toes and 1x fingers per sheet xx
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    Any nail extension courses in Lincoln?

    I'd recommend Clare 100% x
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    Can you use trendy nail wraps on your fingers?

    I don't use any top coat of any kind. I charge 28.00 for fingers and 28.00 for toes! Includes like a mini pedicure/manicure cuticle work and foot/hand massage. X
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    Can you use trendy nail wraps on your fingers?

    I dont personally use them as I use minx but I don't see why you wouldn't be able too?? They're a nail wrap and your fingers are just nails?? Granted they may not last as long but should still work fine. I charge 28.00 for minx x
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    Do you seal your MINX with top coat or not?

    I never seal. Never needed too. Minx on toes lasts 6 weeks plus and fingers I get ten days from if people are really careful! X:cool:
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    Im back on geek! Not been on in months!! :) addicted again! Xx

    Im back on geek! Not been on in months!! :) addicted again! Xx
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    How long do your Minx last?

    My minx on toes can last until they grow out!! (if you left them long enough!) I love doing minx on fingers! It's so attention grabbing! I tend to get 2weeks out of fingers. I heat minx before I apply, push down and fully adhere to nail under the heat with a rubber ended pusher thingy, then I...
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    Minx & Shellac pricing

    When I was in the salon I used to charge £28.00 for minx treatment. (fingers or toes) and £25.00 shellac. Hope that helps x
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    Minx Nails

    Hi. Its pretty simple, geeg posted a tutorial on here i think. Ive not done any training as such specifically for minx but i am a nail tech. join the minx lovers group and have a browse through there, lots of tips and tricks. I do a lot of minx and love it. I think if you purchase a kit you...
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    Brisa lamp blown?! help!

    haven't got a clue really as i'm not anywhere near mine but just a random guess- is there a fuse in the plug or anything? X x
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    Can't wait much longer :)

    i don't know where to post it so if anyone can tell me i'd appreciate it i'm selling my old brisa lamp that can be used with shellac. X x