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  • A year? Ha ha ha!! I can't stay away from this place for 5 flippin' minutes!! - you probably won't see this message till 2014! :lol: ;)
    I can't believe I was talking to you the other day when I rang looking for Sarah LOL!!!... I had no idea it was you on the phone otherwise I'd have had a chat! :)
    I put in some FB links but you can't see them on that post... not sure why, but they're there if you hover over the blank bits :)
    Oooh a new company?? which one?? spill the beans missus LOL!!.. you won't find Debbie on here anymore but she's on FB alright Debbie Lyons | Facebook and I'm Karen O' Toole | Facebook .. she's still doing nails though... think she uses Maniq a lot
    Hiya Kelly!!.. Oh my God I'm sure it IS a year since I've talked to you.. bloody hell time flies doesn't it??... how's things.. are you still in the same Salon?.. still educating? any news with you?
    Hiya Kelly.. I'm working from home now and I'm loving it!!... thought I'd try it out for a while and as soon as the novilty wears off I'll be off to find a salon. My sis is doing well too, she's still building up her clients and she's still enjoying it (thought she'd have gotten sick of it by now LOL).. hope you're keeping well x
    Hiya, yeah she really is, shes great at putting you at ease aswell!! LOL my mother has just about gotten over her shock, bless her she thought she'd only be getting her legs waxed!! hee hee
    Hey thats funny Im Limerick to, almost scared to ask where you are in limerick. I noticed you use Young nails products was wondering if you have used the mani Q gel and if so what do you think of it.
    Hi Kelly,
    It was great to meet a fellow geek and I have to say I had a brilliant day and thank you for all your help. xxx
    Hey there just wanted to say Hi nice to know there are some more of us irish around. What part of Ireland you from.
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