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  • Hope you don't mind me butting in but I bought the Dashing Diva kit at Olympia but it didn't come with a DVD.
    Would it be possible to send me a DVD too????x
    Did you do it with Paul? I qualified a long time ago (before the introductory course was available) so not sure what you would have covered. Do you have the full qualification?
    As far as costs go, it depends on where you are doing it - both location and area of the country. I'm in the SE and charge £25 in the clinic/beauty rooms but if I'm going into a company I charge £15 as you would normally expect a full day and obviously don't have premises overheads.
    HTH and good luck
    :) hiya,ive just been nosey & looked at your beauty room its gorgeous bet you are well chuffed, me jealous:cry: x
    re: your post and early bird client.
    I had clients calling me before 9am and after 10pm and got fed up.
    I recently sent a newsletter out and a portion of it was a reminder of policies.
    Particularly the one that indicates my HOURS of availability and reminding clients to please refrain from calling outside those hours. Now, when they call outside those hours, I ignore them.
    It's gotten better, but the next one that calls on a Sunday will be reminded in no uncertain terms that it's NOT acceptable. I'm not letting them push the limits anymore. You're entitled to sleep as much as the next person.... let her know... else she might do it again.

    Hey there, enjoy Sunday!! There is another thread running about this and quite a few Geeks are going! :hug:
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