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  • Thx for the comment, those nails were a fill, where I just put black down on the tip then used 3 sparkles dark blue purple and light blue and made them all fade and slightly made the purple go over the black a bit it was very easy!!
    Hi hun, I will be putting pics up once all decorating is finish. Taking slightly longer than I thought but want it to be done properly. Excited!!!!!! How is your room going? x
    Thank you for your reply hun. I have purchsed Hive Roller HEater and am going to use Perron Rigot Cartridges. I will let you know how I get on. xxxx
    Hi kellymarie, hope everything is improving, I've posted on you blog "1st day sucess" with some ideas for you if you'd like someone to brain storm with I'm here to help.. xx
    Hello you, long time no speak haha. Was wondering if you use a roller wax system hun, was thinking of bringing one in for larger areas in my salon, i.e legs. If you do hun what one would you recommend as I am going through threads and there is so many. Your professional opinion would be much appreciated. Hope your well and everything is going great with you xxx
    I couldnt work out how to get a pic on my profile, so it is visible (like below on ours). Managed to do it tho hun. xxx
    We used to visit Burnham-on-Sea a fair amount, my father in law had a place right on the sea front. We also have very close friends in Mark and still visit. A lovely part of the world x
    Thank you for your friend request. Nice and sunny here, hope it is in your neck of the woods. I believe you are in Bristol :)
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