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  • Yeah good thanks, just back from holidays to back to reality and this freezing weather, but kept busy so can't complain, you? x
    Hello hunni hows things with you cant remember the last time we spoke!! Business is fab going from strength to strength and me im just fine and dandy xx
    Hi there i love the picture on popits group your pink and white premarbling. How did you do this? is it l&p or gel? xxx
    Im great thank hun business is a bit slow at the moment!! July was my best month ever but August hasnt been so great but people are on hols the kids are off so cant complain lol. What about you have you finaly taken the leap yet and offering nails to the public? Im franticaly saving so i can invest in some Gelish i so badly want it and now!!! xx
    Hi there, just peeking at your pretty nails!! and noticed that you use the tesco acrylic paint, I was wondering if it has a brand name?? or if it is branded teso paints, heard a few ladies mention they use these and on the look out for something to use, my ones are not so good, thanks!! ruth x
    Yep. NFU.oh is a bank account worst nightmare!! I use the basic pink and whites and recently got my first sparkly kit! I went for the best choice glitters. Really want the bling bling now though!!! i think it could be the start of an addiction!! I have a couple of the other coverage powders no.11 & no.11 i think but they are both too cool for me so i always go back to the normal one. Geek is a great place, i dont think any course could fit in the knowledge you can gain on here. I'm hoping to either do a foundation or maybe just a one 2 one to make sure i'm going in the right direction!! Lots more clients and practice to do in general will hopefully help though!! xx
    Hi there. Thanks for your lovely comments on my pics :D The nail bed colour on the stiletto one is NFU.oh coverage pink. Just the basic one (not sure if you know but they do a foundation pink kit too!) I really like it, its a nice warm pink xxxxx
    P.S just noticed you;re an EN girl too. How did you find the courses? Really enjoyed mine but feel like i need to do a foundation course now to make sure i'm doing it right and incase i've missed some vital parts!!! x
    That's really strange, have you tried phoning them, they're really helpful, I think you've to send a copy of your certificate to get an account and if you aren't CND trained you wont be able to buy gel or L&P, but you can buy anything else. I never used to like feet either, but don't mind them now, you just get used to it. Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes. x
    Sweet Squared are now the UK distributors. They're amazing and so easy to use, I've just done another set with them tonight, and to think I used to cringe when someone asked for a french lol! Yeah I'm good thanks, had a busy day doing pedis, so a bit of backache, not getting any younger lol, & getting ready to go the the event this weekend so mega excited. How are you?
    Hi hunni hows you? Your nails are looking fab anyone paying yet lol? You sculpts look great ive just started experiementing with sculpting too :) x
    I definitely needed the hand-on approach, its just a pity we're so far away from all the decent training up here, but I can definitely recommend the CND days, its a way to go to Edinburgh, but well worth it. I'm the same, seem to make a much better job of my own and friends than I do on clients, but I think its because I'm more relaxed. Yeah a coffee would be great, if you're ever in Elgin, I work in the council office every Mon, Tue & second Wed, so could meet you some lunchtime if you'd like? I don't suppose you're ever in Portknockie and I'm never in Keith, although my Mum was from Keith and I've still got some relations there., its a small world eh x
    You've not got the confidence???? Your nails are beautiful, you are very talented and your nails art is lovely, have more belief in yourself! I'm only part-time too, I work from my house, only qualified in June last year at Moray college (course wasn't great tbh), then went to fingertips centre for CND conversion and just done my rebalance course, so getting there slowly, but like you still no confidence and think everyone else can do them so much better than me, lol! Which systems do you use?
    Gosh what a coincidence, I'm in Portknockie. Have you been doing nails long? Your nails are really nice x
    Hiya what I did was wrapping paper it was very tricky and took ages to do you just have to make sure you incase it very well with clear.
    I applied it then put L&P over it to be honest Idont think I would do it again.
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