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  • Hi, I thought the gel course itself was very good although not so keen on the products. What about the acrylics course? I am thinking about doing the Acrylic sculpting and Airbrushing next. x
    hello thanks for your message . I dont get that problem with it i leave it for a bit to dry and then use a star nails topcoat with a uv block in it and it never smudges . when you put the top coat on try to do it all in one go rather than using lots of little strokes if that makes sense.
    Mmmm not sure lol i like it and i dont iykwim?!! SLAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP for not charging you should at least cover your cost hun if you dont feel confident to charge full price. You need to get your name out there hun you do great nails and your nail art if fabby if i was ever your neck of the woods i would defo get you to do mine. xxx
    Sorry for the silence we lost our internet!! I do get this occasionaly when im working to wet if thats any help! Hows things with you? xx
    Hi hun hope your well? Ive just added some recent pics to my album let me know what you think? xx
    Dont worry have confidence hunni you do great nails and you need to realise that!! Hope you have a great day. xx
    Hi hun, im good thanks you?. Yer i really like that design something different. xx
    I would iehter use a thin layer of the coverage powder, embed art and then clear over top or I am rather partial to clear tips so perhaps cover the bed as normal with a clear tip with funkyness to match the dress? Bagain at £55 too - I really like it :)
    Thanks for the pic comment hun, dont forget your camera when you do your trial nails for the wedding x
    your very welcome, i had to say something it made me think of sweets as soon as i saw it lol and being on a diet they are right at the front of my mind lol!: )
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