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  • oh wow they sound lke they could be fansupertastic lol defo take pics n let me know how they turn out xx i did some nice black & gold nails today im hopefully going to upload them if i get 5 mins later xx
    ohhhhhh sounds like u can have lots of fun with her nails then .... if for a weddin i defo would keep it simple as poss or it will over power her frock lol ill get me brain into action n have a think for u xx
    same here im in a small town and its so hard not to let small minded people knock u but it was a good friend of mine that said to me (( in this world you make lol your enemy's your motorvaters ))) my spellin is as good as my paintin xx
    ur painting is wicked im so pants at painting nails its unreal lol my 8yr old daughter is better than me lol .... i gave it up for a while due to a few other techs knockin my confidence but i changed salons n found my spark again xx
    lol im the same its always good to get some new ideas from other people too it keeps us 1 step in front of the normal lol xx
    Had a peek in your album and your work is gorgeous!!... I LOVE your nail art, I'd never be able to do that :(
    your work is fab! I was hoping you used gel so I could have a go. I have tried with water etc but dont get asked for it here. It is a fun thing to do. Yours are inspiring!!
    You have done a good job with the nail shape etc., the only thing I would say the tips you have used are a bit too smiley for the length of the overall finish. I agree with what Sandi has said too under your pic. When applying white tips and leaving a gap, let the product sit on your brush for that extra couple of seconds before you place it, and then you will get less chance of it seeping through. It would have been better to use clear over the white tip, it would make all the difference.

    You have done a good job though hunny, well done xxxxx:hug:
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