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    Hair colours in the USA?

    Hi, I have recently moved to the USA from the Uk and have been a hairdresser for 20 years. I have always used koleston, I am finding it really difficult to find colours that I like here in the US. Is there any advice or recommendations on colours that I can get here? Toning is my major concern...
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    Wedding hair help

    I would pin curl the night before, then on the day gently comb out the hair to give this wavy effect. Place the curls and waves where you want them then hairspray. Make sure when pin curling the night before, that you have put the hair in a side partin like the photo. Hope this helps.
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    Brassy blond to beige blond

    Hello. I’m colouring my mums hair she would like an all over cream/beige blond. She has a base 5 with warmth natural root (about an inch) with 75% grey at front and 25% grey through the back. I have always used wella kp high lifts tints with bleach highlights for her, but over time it’s gone...