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  • Hi Kezza,
    I have been reading your comments for ipl machine from Inspa solutions could you let me know how did your training go and how good is there machine and experience in general.
    Thanks in Advance
    Sorry to bother you but I noticed on a forum you were trying the ipl machine with inspa?
    I'm seeing a demo with them Monday but wanted your opinion if you're willing to tell me!!!
    Can you decide on your own pricing or do they dictate that?? Thank you very much xx
    Hi Kezza, Thank you so much for your kind comments. It means a lot to me becuase I am not quite there although I grew up in a salon absorbing from my mother in Bangkok :) :) x Mona

    I came back to add that now I am training with CND, 3 more courses booked next week. Cant wait! :)
    I'm still reading... I forgot about half these stories and they're brilliant... think yours is defo one of the funniest though :lol:
    Hey hun
    I put a flyer on them, I had some spare, I was very careful as didnt want any phone calls accusing me of damage, find out if you need permission, I'm waiting to see if im in trouble as I just did it. Good luck xxxxx :)
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