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Kim Lawless
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  • Thanks for the heart Kim. Hope you have a great day, but its raining in Manchester so will get wet through with taking the dog for a walk, never mind, roll on Christmas, love Zephyr x
    Thanks for the heart Kim, good luck with your training, looks like you love it as much as we do, take care, love zephyr x
    Thank you lovely Kim. Think I'm best at this type of thing x
    Hi Kim, I'm sorry I missed you today. Jack sorted me out on the PR stand! I bought some of the new face wax. Put your feet up and have a drink I'm sure you have deserved it!! Is what you were doing today going to be on Youtube? I would love to see it if it is. Bye for now, Kim xx
    Your welcome. It seems like that particular person is a bit of a "know it all" :) xxx
    Hi kim ... Thx for the rep lol ... I have a beauty therapist here who is enquiring about brow training with you ... Fancy staying over at mine and doing a class with her at the salon? Normal rates for the class but I won't charge you for the B&B . Lol. she is serious. When. Are you next here ... It has been forever!!
    Ha ha only about the intimate strip non strip and gloves. We loves eachother really LOL! xxx
    Yes I agree. I never really understand the animosity as, like you say, there are so many hairy bums out there. When you consider what percentage of the population actually have waxing done, I think everyone would do more if they put their energies into converting the hairy rather than knocking fellow professionals! x
    Yes I'm a big bad mod now LOL! Thanks for the rep my darling. I think it is getting a little bit ugly out there at the moment with too many criticising others for no good reason. It's just not nice! xxx
    Hey Kim,
    Just noticed your site is updated with Edinburgh dates but not specifics. I would like to book for the brow design and speed waxing and I rent my own room so can take any days off. I will give you a call tomorrow to arrange this if thats ok? Didnt want to call at this time of night. xxx
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