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Kim Lawless
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  • I just popped on the other day, I havn't been on for aaaaaaages. Nothing new, well actually, probably something new ... I ditched the twat bf and got a nice new one. :) Been together a year now. Went on my jolydays to america, went to New york, Vegas and California. Was lovely. First fortnight off work EVER!

    How about you? You all ok? xx
    ha ha thanks for the rep, will message you in a minute with further details!! xx
    Whoops, trust me lol. Yes, all good here, still in a bit of pain from corrective surgery but back at work so it can't be too bad!! x
    Hi Kim

    Only just found out about the rep settings and seen yours from December so thank you, it was about brazilian straightening x
    Hi Kim,
    Lovely chatting to you too, ha ha glad your chips where nice, not too cold I hope!
    Thanks for that, cant believe it was that easy :rolleyes:!
    I will diffinatly be using that little green box now.
    look forward to catching up more in a couple of weeks.
    Take care x:hug:x
    LOL, you are so right about not being able to wax around that confounded contraption! Hope you are having a fab Christmas break :)
    Thanks Kim. Huge hugs to you too - hope you are well and not too snowed in. Wishing you a fab Christmas and happy 2011 too :)
    oooh could you let me know the details for Middlesborough ....that might well be do-able. thanks chick x
    I never doubted you for a minute Kim. When are you next "up north" I'm looking for speed waxing in Scotland or Yorkshire x
    lol, he must have put a lot of botox in then! Love your profile pic btw, I do put my heart into some of my replies on here love Smooth aka Tracy xx
    Hi Kim

    Well, there are people out there who want others to think they are naturally beautiful and young looking and to be honest, if they want to try to get away with it then more fool them. I am a type of 'if I've had it I'll tell you' person and to be honest some people think I've had certain things done when I haven't!

    Maybe celebs who deny having work done but also vocally say how anti they are are just trying to stop others from having it done so they can grow old gracefully! I respect people for their decisions as long as it doesn't actually or potentially hurt anyone, I may snigger a little inside though x
    Thank you for the reply, I have looked at your site meny a time already :) Im unsure as of yet whether to go for intimate waxing or speed waxing!! Or to go with both! x
    Hi Kim! Do you have the dates of when you are in edinburgh in december? And what courses you are running then? Thank you! x
    Thank you so much for the reply really helped me i think i will try and book in for a course at some point this year as its something that allot of my male clients ask me for , as i have a whole troop of drag queens that visit me regularly for there chests and eyebrows and there all begging me to do a course in male intimate waxing and i think its always good to further your skills isn't it , but with doing my level 3 and work and looking for work experience its finding the spare time to come along and do but hopefully i can squeeze it in along the year somewhere

    thanks again xx
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