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    Hair extension sectioning?

    I see photos all the time and people have sectioned and applied them differently to how I was taught also so I'm guessing there must be more than one way to safely apply extensions, I just apply them how I was taught as long as they're in neat etc :) xxx
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    Best ways of promoting new business

    I've found it really hard as I started in march and still not getting a lot of clients, it takes a while to build it up but I've been doing Facebook ads and got most of my clients from that, you can choose the budget and amount of time its on for depending on how many people you would like to...
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    Beauty Works clip ins dry after one wash

    Hey, I did nano rings on a client just over a week ago, she messaged saying they've gone wispy and frizzy and she used that shampoo and conditioner! maybe its a no go for hair extensions as I've not come across it happening before so its a coincidence its also happened to your hair extensions...
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    Russian Mongolian hair extensions

    Ive been doing hair extensions since march, I've been using Russian Mongolian hair and had no problems up to now. I got a message from a client I fitted 160 strands of the Russian Mongolian nano rings on just over a week ago, she's asked me how can she stop it being so wispy and its gone really...
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    Insurance for hair extensions

    I’m with ABT x
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    Hair extension sections

    When I trained on micro rings I was shown to take 1cm x 1cm x 1cm triangle sections to put each bond onto. Ive seen a lot of people taking square sections for each bonds therefore leaving no clients own hair out unlike the triangles Is there a right or wrong way? What does everyone else do?
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    Hair extension aftercare?

    What brush do people recommend for clients to use after having hair extensions fitted? Ive always used a soft bristle brush but when I did my training they said tangle teasers (well the ones from Poundland). I wanted to provide an aftercare kit for clients after they're fittings and include a...
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    Best micro ring beads

    I always use silicone lined but from the hair suppliers, are the ebay ones just as good? as they're a lot cheaper just not sure if they'd last as well with being so cheap?
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    Hair killer

    I also use a sink guard like the ones photoed above, inexpensive and do the job
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Hey. I’ve just qualified in tapes, nano, micro rings and micro weave. I’ve been looking into hair suppliers and seen a lot of people on here recommend euphoria one but I can’t seem to find any pictures of people’s hair with it in, I was stuck between using angel remy (which my trainer...