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  • Kim I'm so sorry I forgot to reply not been well in my defense lol. Just wondered if you know theres a Dashing Diva group as I cant see you amoung the members x
    Hi Kim noticed you are a lover of popits too. Could I ask what brand you use. I've been using nail perfection but wondered if the ones from s2 are better, thanks, Wendy x
    Thanks for the picture comment, was wondering can you put the pro cut TNW on your nails as they are at the mo, then cover with clear acrylic to keep your extended nail bed???
    Hi Kim thank you for your kind comments. I use a little mix of mine 1 scoop of french Pink 1 scoop of frosted pink add a little metalic re and blusing girl for a perfect cover pink
    hello... i also did retention+ l&p with creative last year.... and looking into the EN course from home on nail art.... i saw a post by you saing you had bought it and it had just come though and looked good so far...
    Just wondered how you found it?? any complaints?
    thanks :)
    What a lovely thread...meant to be blog :)lol:)...you must be so proud of your daughter, who looks beautiful. All that, and celebrity compliments about your nails....great day all round!
    Hi, thanks for comment on my piccy! Feeling confident now considering i look back at those in horror hehe, n my cuticle area is still sore im a bit savage on my own lol x
    Depends on the size of the nail plate as to the size of the bead. Just enough to cover the whole nail really. I place it just in zone 2 and press it up towards zone 3 then across each side. Which ever works best for you as long as I cover the whole nail plate with 1 bead so there's no marbling.
    Aww thank you for saying that. It's so nice to hear. I actually only trained in July and August this year and loving every minute of it so far. xx
    Hi kim, thank you for replying and offering to sell your nail trainer, i just bought one from ebay at a reasonable price, thank you for taking the time to oblige. Trudi x
    I will send you out some more up to date dates, best thing to do re an appt is to give me a call at the salon on 547 647, i am at home atm so havent got my appt book but i will e n later this afternoon, or if you want to pm me your no. i can give you a call
    Jess xox
    thats okay hun, where do you normally get them done locally in horley?
    i was going to send you a message this week to see if you received your education info pack okay??
    and if you had any questions, do let me know and if not i will chase it up
    thanks Jess xox
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