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    Tassimo drinks machine - any good?

    I have a lavazza machine at work and everyone comments of how nice they are. I got the machine that comes with a separate milk frother. I got mine from Lakeland, they sell the pods in Tesco.
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    Room available in Reading

    I have sent you a pm x Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Apprentice required for immediate start

    Friendly salon based in Whitley, Reading requires a full time apprentice for immediate start. Must be hardworking and able to use own initiative, also be able to work well as part of a team. Please ring Kirstie on 07725 746614 (evening) or 0118 9753140 (daytime) Must be able to attend a...
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    Room to rent - Reading

    Room to rent within a hairdressing salon in South Reading. Would suit Beautician, Nail Technician or other related business. Situated within a small shopping parade with plenty of parking and on a good bus route. Please message or ring 0118 9753140 for more details.
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    Fancy dress pictures!

    This is me on Halloween last year :)
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    Gents hair, blending in help!

    Hi I used to hate blending short grades until I found a cheats way to do it. Start with your 0.5 shave up but allow about an inch for your blending room. Now to take a 1 and go up over the line that needs to be blended fanning out with the clippers now repeat with a 1.5 and repeat the process...
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    Does anyone have a travel mug like this one?

    I've got one but in a different pattern. It doesn't get too hot to hold, it gets warm makes a good hand warmer on a winters day :) x
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    Carin Hair Cosmetics

    Hey Guys Our salon has recently converted from 'Matrix' to 'Carin'. So far every colour we have done we've had to correct in some way. Just wondering if you guys have ever used this brand if so got any tips as so far i'm not impressed lol I've never heard of the company before my boss...
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    Does anyone know if this applies to furniture as well? X
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    Help Please.. First complaint

    Ok I don't do spray tanning but it sounds like to me you've already solved your problem. Have you said to your client your reasons as to why her tan is uneven. I think what you've offered her is very reasonable. I would try to get to see her and explain all the reasons and point out your track...
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    Was I right to say no?

    Your welcome sweet its nervewracking saying no but you have to sometimes otherwise they will continue x
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    Was I right to say no?

    Of course you were right to say no! I would if for numerous reasons such as .... A. If it's a box colour you don't know what colour it is and if it will work with her previous colour on her hair B. It's a Sunday night lol x factors on duh lol no how rude to expect you to do that short notice I...
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    Salon international London - have you been

    Ohhh cool, me and a girl from work are going for the later half of the day as it's known as 'student day' so they usually leave at 3ish so were hoping to grab some bargins at the end of the day and it won't be as manic! Oh I see you live in farnborough my boyfriend lives there lol who are you...
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    Salon international London - have you been

    I'm going on Monday... Why didnt you enjoy it? X
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    Were based in reading that's south east. We use salon supplies Southampton they do weekly deliveries ( we order up to 5pm on Tuesday and it gets delivered Wednesday am usually). I not entirely sure but I think there at salon international this year x