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  • hi
    no worries hun.My last day went well thanks, just had to go over all my work to make sure it was all signed off and in the right ill pass, cant see why i should'nt ,fingers crossed a.Going to book my acrylic course thursday , thats when its going on there web site.xx
    hows it going? got my last day at college sat 26 april, doing manicure and ped.Cant wait till i start acrylic at college in sep.Tryed to find some stuff on what q and work ill be doing ,so i can get started but no luck,never mind a.xxxxxxxxx
    Hi hun,
    hows you ,i cant sleep,may have been that coffee i had bafore i went to bed big
    hi kirstie
    haven't heard from you are you ok.
    hope so . 9.30 on a sat night and i'm off to bed. so busy in the salon today. trouble is i'm getting to old for this lark, that's why i want to go into nails more so i can sit down, and me feet are'nt throbbing all night. night ann thg
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