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    Can anyone recommend somewhere/someone to create a logo?

    Can definitely recomend Carl from verve design. This is mine done by carl. He done me three different versions one for light background, one for dark background and then my regular one.
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    EzFlow Trudip

    Did you do training in it?
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    EzFlow Trudip

    Does anyone use this system? How do you find it? How does it compare with shellac? Any other info greatly appreciated? Thanks Kirsty
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    New card machine with no charges?

    I use square up which is the lowest transaction fee as I was looking at them all and compared them all last year. Payment is in your bank next working day mine goes in at 4:02pm next working day, so glad I made the change. You can email or text receipt or no receipt if the client wishes. It is a...
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    Cheapest Sticky Feet?

    Interested to know as well.
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    Reiki and depression

    Hi just after some advice we have just found out my grandad has a tumour on the brain, my Nan suffers with depression and she has gone into a really bad session, if I did reiki could it help with her depression as my grandad really needs her, and she has stopped visiting him and has taken to...
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    Rubber tube in spray gun?

    Can someone tell me if I can buy a new rubber tube as mine has gone a bit funny or do I have to buy a whole new gun? Thanks Kirsty
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    Those of you that have 2nd jobs

    I am a barmaid Friday and Saturday evening, I love the contrast of the 2 Jobs, having been doing it now for about 9 years.
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    Self employed or employed

    Thanks CFBS Have not signed anything yet, I think it was just cos the previous girl was so unreliable, she would just phone her on the day and tell her she would not be in. It is only the previous girls contract she had shown me.
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    Self employed or employed

    Hi all just after some advice I currently have my own little salon. However I am looking to move as my current landlady is unbearable. I looked at a place yesterday where I would be going into a salon working along side another girl who does nails on a self employed basis, she has given me a...
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    Chemotherapy and eyelash extensions

    Thank you very much for you help. The thing I was worried about was the fact I did not want to jeopardise her lashes that had started to grow back through so may suggest strip lashes to her. Kirsty
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    Chemotherapy and eyelash extensions

    Hi Just after some advice I have a lady that has tarted to come to me for waxing. However she is now talking about eyelash extensions for her holiday but has just finished chemotherapy and her hair is just growing back, what are the proto calls with eyelashes extension and chemotherapy? Please...
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    Anniversary ideas?

    I made these cookies for my other half about 3 years ago.
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    Pregnancy massage

    I have done pregnancy massage and baby massage. I done it with Jing in Brighton, they are very good.
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    Clients cancelling?

    I had one this morning that sent me an Email to cancel with 2 minutes till her appointment and her reason was her child got bitten and it looked infected this morning. I am still trying to work out how that effects he appointment. It's not the first time she has done this so am going to be...