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    Waxing waxing waxing!

    Hi katelisa i've just found your tutorial, thanks so much, i'm really keen to do a brazilian waxing course and your tutorial has inspired me! The only bit i got confused about is when you say the client has to lift their leg up a bit & then pull out their bum cheek - i thought they were lying on...
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    how many of you have given up the 'day job' for nails?

    Hi there, i've just moved to a different part of the country so am 'between jobs' right now lol but have previously worked in various office type jobs, pa, secretary, admin etc. Last time i was at my hairdressers he offered me the chance to potentially set up a nail station in his salon (:eek: )...
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    ANT - Association of Nail Technicians - How many of you are members?

    Hi chocolate, thanks for posting the info - i'm just about to set my little nails business up (at last!) and was wondering about whether to spend this money on joining the ANT, and now you've persuaded me! I'll be sending my certs in etc once i get myself sorted! Thanks again and hope to see you...
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    Using Creative but not trained with creative?

    Hi there, i trained about a year ago at a local college in bristol, and we used Creative Retention + L&P, as far as i understand our college had an agreement with one of the OSNS's that they could order the kits for students - also our tutors were all trained on the systems so i'm guessing this...
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    Chemo & Effects on Nails

    Hi Portia, i'm so sorry to hear about your client, a cancer diagnosis completely turns your world upside down and that of those around you so i'm not surprised you've been knocked sideways. From what i understand chemotherapy works on the fast-growing cells in the body & destroys them, however...
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    Card Payments

    Hi, i'd potentially be interested in a mobile card payment system, but my criteria would be there would need to be no min payment level (i.e. not 'only acceptable for transactions over a certain amount') and it would have to have a reasonably low level of charges, or at least be comparable to...
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    Sculpting - first attempt

    Well done you for having a go at something out of your comfort zone! I did sculpting a few times at college and it felt really good, much more comfortable to me than tipping, blending etc & quicker too, but unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to have had much practise over the last few...
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    Acrylic Removal... frustrating!!

    Hi there, i use the same method as nailsbydesign, with the cuticle oil on first (to stop the surrounding skin going white & avoid over exposure etc), then the soaked cotton wool on the nail, each finger wrapped up in foil and i put each hand into a warmed towel (heated mitts would be ideal but...
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    Why are most geeks not Premium?

    This is such a great thread, i've never really thought about this before, but now you come to mention it, it's a good question. It's never occured to me that i should be a premium geek, i always sort of thought it's for the peeps who really know what they are doing & are the 'proper'...
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    Hi there, i wouldn't be without my nail trainer, it's so useful for all that practise we novices need lol! Like previously mentioned it will sit there for hours on end without complaining, won't move about or nip off to the loo half way through your application and never answers back! Especially...
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    Carlton institute...nail training?

    Hi there, i hate to add to the slightly negative slant, but i also started out by doing an intensive course at Carlton Institute too, and while they are nice people the trainers are v friendly, i believe this course alone is by no means enough to go on and start up a business without further...
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    SPA Mani and Pedi Course :)

    Thanks for starting this thread, i'm hoping to attend this course in Leeds in August so it's good to know it's such fun! I can't wait now (as if i wasn't excited enough already!) x
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    Creative Induction course?

    Hi! I've got dates in August for the Leeds academy cos my nearest one in Nottingham is booked up for enhancements until October and haven't got any places for spa mani/pedi this year! Lol! Which one are you going to? Let me know how you get on! Good luck x
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    Doing your own "wrong" hand, how do you do it?

    What a good idea beckyx, i'm gonna get my nail trainer out and have a play! x
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    Creative Induction course?

    Hi helencad! I've just called the academy & they're reassured me that this is the right course for me, :) you just need to be qualified for the 6 months rather than need to have the 6 months experience so that's good. I've also got dates of the next course in August so just need to wait for...