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  • i can't do the evening as i'm working on the 28th - i'm booked out every night that week :-(
    I've got a couple of clients in at either end of the day, muy back is still hurting - bugger, I hate having a bad back, it's so debilitating gggrrrr.
    Yes, get the kids on the case, there the ones who cause all the untidyness!
    Yes, I enjoyed it, pity I had to leave so quickly. Courtney did not know she was doing the radio show until late the night before, and never thought to check with us if it was ok we ran her around , she was on a sleepova- kids lol!
    Yes, you'll have to come and have a play with nails.
    Are you wearing enhancements to the event? I'm toying with the idea of going along with naked nails :)
    You are very welcome Miss Dawson lol! I saw you followed my lead on FB & pushed the Prom thing - goon on you! I had 1 booking from FB for it yesterday, so it's likely to work xx
    Thanks Jo, she is an absolute gorgeous dog but bleeding heck she is a handful, very demanding. She woke me up this morning by pouncing on my face at 3am believe me it wasnt pleasent, not only that there were pressies and the stink was horrid :eek: :eek: She is peeing to command but the poohing is a bit of a problem as yet, only had her two weeks so its early days yet!!

    My main concern is she just wont go outside into the yard unless i go out first, I have to force her out but she tries to get straight back in. Its ok me going out but not ideal, she has to be confident and go out alone. I'll be glad when she is fully vaccinated, bit annoyed with breeder tbh he sould have vaccinated them at 8 weeks and added it to the cost. She is 15 weeks and she should be out exploring getting used to outside, this time is so important for their socialisation and confidance. Once she is clear she is going to obediance classes, I want a confidant, well behaved and well adjusted dog that I can trust off her lead. Am already doing some obediance with her.

    Can't wait for the Event, be good to see you again, Shellac sounds fab!! Cant wait to meet Doug Schoon he has agreed to sign my book, yey!!

    anne xx
    it's here...it's here whoooooopie!!!!
    I'm off to the cabin in a min to play - need to warm it up a bit first!
    Clinic at 12, then client at 4 & 2 spary tans at 6.45 - what are you up to?
    Ooooo get you!! The colour queen is back!! lol Well thats a bugger then hey, i cant believe she didn't text you or something, even if its on the morning atleast you would have known about it and not been waiting in. What are you up to today apart from clinic and courier, talking of which.....come on courier impatient lady waiting!! needc glitter!! lol.Xx
    She didn't turn up for her patch test! I refuse to do a lash perm & tint without one ffs!
    I'm ok, got my no smoking clinic on at 12 today. Ordered my nfu.oh stuff - can't wait for the courier to come today lol!
    jo can you send me you new phone number again ... new phone lost contacts ..long story lol xx
    glad you enjoyed yourself and hopefully it was informative......good luck with your buisness...and remember were always here for you if you need any help ;0))
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