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  • Hey
    Thank you for the reply to my thread. What is the salon called ? I go to college in team valley so a salon in Gateshead would be great.
    Hm... It could be too much glue. You could apply extension slightly higher from the baby lash onto donor lash to avoid it sticking to the lash you are putting extension on? I do that sometimes, actually I always keep about 2 mm distance from the eyelid. Also, when I apply extension, I swipe donor la2-3 times, then swipe extensions onto gel pad/micropore tape to remove excess glue x
    Whenever I finish the set, I go back and separate the stickies, I don't think you can avoid them :) I've tried xxl lash glue, Hollywood lash and found them cr*p compared to blink ones. Blink ultra gives you 5. Seconds styling time & ultra plus - up to 3 seconds, maybe this will help you to compare to the glues you have tried? Also, see if it will be easier if you separate the stickies once finished - I spend 10 minutes checking the set once I've finished on average. This also allows for the fumes to evaporate before the client has to open their eyes xxx
    Hiya, I use blink ultra & blink ultra plus glues - the best glues ever!!! Didn't try too many, but I swear by these two xxx
    I moved your post...about why your thread was moved, to My Forum for discussion with the Mods...:)
    Hi Kizzycat, just to let you know I've booked in with Gina for excited!! Are you open for business yet? I know you were sorting out your room. I'd love my nails done for my hol in a few weeks and wondered if you would do them for me? Would love to try some entity nails before my course :)
    The only negative thing about booking in Leeds is that the course does not seem to be approved by a certain body, this may limit who you can get insured with. I am going with salonserve and they are fine with it. It all depends if this could be a problem. But other than that, I would definitely do the course again, Gina is down to earth, a really good trainer and I had a lot of fun. I can recommend a place to stay if you do book with her. I am based in Chester le Street. give me a call if you want to chat 07894162193
    sorry forgot to ask, where abouts are you based? I was thinking of getting some entity enhancements before booking the course so I could see what they are like xx
    Think I have decided to book with entity after your recommendations, so thank you for your advice!
    Hi Kizzy. Thanks for the reply you posted on my topic.
    I'm in Bishop Auckland but I don't drive so Chester-le-Street is a way away for me on public transport lol xxx
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