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  • Thx for the advice:D I think I will put my feelers out on here and see if there are any english speaking classes in my dutch aint bad but not good enuff for studying..Ill let u know how I get on:D
    Im originally from Aberdeen but my family now all lives near to Peterhead:D I saw that you did a course fae Essential nails..I'm doing the airbrush course right now..would you recommend the other courses as Im thinkin of getting the acrylics just to brush up my skills again since it was ages ago that I did it..
    Your well come you are very good! I love the strawberry ones ive done some with strawberries aswell but yours just look great x
    No probs at all... don't worry, there really IS light at the end of that tunnel .. now hurry up and feel better soon :hug::hug:
    Facebook just kicked me for site maintenance!
    What I was saying was......
    "I feel for you Karen, it must be very frustrating, especially as you have the drive, enthusiasm and of course the HIGH SKILL LEVEL to be working on the high street, charging a premium."

    I'll take FB kicking me as a sign from the universe that I should go start my cleaning.
    Speak to you later Karen,
    You are very welcome. I have a back problem with several things wrong all at once and have been in pain for about 4 years now. I had injections in my spine last September and although I am still in some pain it has given me a new lease of life. I was lucky enough to find a good consultant through Bupa and he diagnosed me properly. Finding something physically wrong will go a long way to getting you right again. Good luck with your treatment and thank you for the friend request. x
    Hi there hows life treating Ballater master technician? Hehe! We both passed, thank god, think it'll be a while before i return for the gel master course though. Was down your way last weekend snowboarding at Glenshee, so envious you live so close. It was a fantastic weekend, weather wise, can see how you get nervous about the weather! Are you going to the beauty show in May? I'm thinkin about it just now, would be fun.
    Hope you are fine any way. xxx
    no it was deleted as I was considered hook and baiting by the mods - they are 'on it'.... and I was being excited as usual! xxxx Oh but the Dashing Diva thread is interesting :)
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