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  • Hiya :)

    Im in city centre, rosemount, jusy work from my flat at moment, but looking to get maybe a part time job until i build up some pennies and hopefully rent somewhere :D

    There are some fab techs on here, love reading the forums, i learn new bits every day!
    Hi Karen......hoping I've got the right one (or I'm going to look rather silly!!) Was lovely to meet you on Sunday, Abigail really enjoyed herself. Hope you didn't get caught up in any snow! Will be seeing you again at the EVENT woo hoo!! xx
    yes i will be there...where there is cake lol...there i will be lol should be there about 12ish ish...want to see them doing the new i lash stuff

    Linda xxx
    lol. I have the hate on and am still cold! It is 4:45am here and the night chill just wont let up! Next Year I will be moving to Florida... nice and warm!
    COLD HANDS! I know how much that sucks and how hard it is to get them to work when they are cold. Here is a fix for you! Get a clean sock (or if you sew make a long bag) fill it with rice or flaxseed. Put it in the microwave for about 2 min. Take it out and wrap your hands in it. BUt it on the ouchy spots on your neck or back. Lay it on your eyes when your head hurts. It is one thing i do not live with out! If you use flax and make a pretty bag for it then add things to it like lavender and yarrow, lemon grass or any other good smelling relaxing herb you want. enjoy and i hope this helps your cold aching hands!
    Hello you...I called and left a message this morning, did you get it? Got a wee favour to ask (no more boots I promise)

    How did you do today hun? Well done you guys for sittin the 2, the pressure of one was enough for me. Fingers crossed & best of luck, you'll be able to take it easy for a wee while now xx
    im fine babes..just a horrid cough and sniffles...what happened to your finger??

    Linda xxx
    Very best of luck with your Masters...and hopefully the snow will keep away. It's still pretty warm through the day here that it's hard to imagine places with snow. It certainly doesn't feel like November and Christmas around the corner that's for sure.
    Everything is fine here...I'm busy playing the babysitting Grandma at the moment! It's payback time for all the times my daughter has had to look after my bunch :lol:
    Not doing much else...I really want to get back into nails and start some sort of business up but things are really bad here...there is just no money/work/clients about for anything, it's really dire.
    So for now I'm not doing much.
    Anyway I'll send some sun and positivity your way for good weather and you breeze through your Masters :hug: xxxxx
    sorry must have sent me a 'chat' message when I logged off or something...I wasn't ignoring you honest lol :hug: I just saw it when I came back on today...
    Anyway hope you are okay...xxxxxxxxxxx
    I was studying tonight and kept getting interrupted by kids, dogs and clients! I do know the size of a dust particle though, but I remember that from last time! :lol:
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