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  • Hello Karen - saw you were online - just been checking out this Minx stuff - do you do them???

    Snot fair :irked: :lol:

    Awwww babe you didn't need to get me anything but thank you, I loves ya xxxxx:hug:
    Yeh, think i'll go in the morning too, want to nip over to Ikea in the afternoon, myabe we could all go for a bit of lunch??
    I bet it was!
    Yeh I'm going to colour launch. Builders starting tomorrow at new salon, so convinced my landlord to wait till 7th November so I can get masters outta the way! xx
    What a shame, i bet you were so nervous driving home! Hehehe, thank god tho.
    We had a real good night, think we needed a wee drinky after the course. So much knowledge in one day, I'm quite suprised how much I actually took in. Loved it. Really can't wait for the next one. I'm feelin for you doll doin both masters, well done you! We're gonna wait till new year to do gel masters maybe we'll get some tips from you!!
    Hope you had a good break & the kids got on good back at school ;o) x
    Hey there, how are ya chick? How's the studying goin?? I'm trying, been so long since I last studied. Did you get home safe and sound without the car packin in on you?
    xxx Emma xxx
    Thank you darling. Don't you worry about's nothing that I can't handle. LOL Big hugs. xxx
    The second viewing didn't happen... no matter, we'll have to stay positive for more viewers.
    We've reduced the price by A LOT, keep everything crossed for us :D
    Take care of your shoulder Karen, you want to avoid surgery if at all possible :hug: xxx
    Yes it's needing brightened up and my roots are horrific! I have managed to get someone to do it tomorrow! phew. you've got to love! :lol: xxxxx
    You will be fine on Sunday, trust me. I am looking for a hairdresser so I can get my hair done, mine has let me down! :irked:
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