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    Minx - Flower Power?

    Sweet Squared stock the Hippy Chick design.
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    CND Shellac Grape Gum is a great Cadbury purple :)
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    Your little foibles?

    You need to come and sort my house out 👍😆
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    Counterfeit or legit-CND Shellac?

    Could you please edit your post to remove the trade prices thanks
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    CND Shellac Cerulean Sea problems

    This is a common practice as the brushes have a packing starch to protect them during packaging and shipping. Its simple to rectify just use a lint free pad (I use kitchen roll) dampened with a little Dsperse and clean the brush.
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    Aww thank you Karen xxxx

    Aww thank you Karen xxxx
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    Lamp question

    Your welcome 😊
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    Lamp question

    When you put new bulbs in you have to press and hold the reset button until it flashes up with 100. If you don't do this the lamp won't know you have new bulbs in so will continue to switch off or beep.
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    McBusted tonight!

    I bought my 3 girls (24, 22 & 18) tickets for them and their boyfriends for Christmas. They are going to see them in Glasgow on the 16th of May they have been so excited for months, not sure their boyfriends are quite as excited or know what they have let them in for going with the 3 of them...
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    Stressful day ahead!

    This is a post that all those mummies of furry babies will understand. My two babies are going to the vet tomorrow to be spayed and I'm absolutely terrified :( I am taking them myself and later picking them up myself did try my hubby but he can't do it. Luckily I'm working in between so that...
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    Post a picture off your camera roll

    My fantastic Dad 😍 Number 340
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    The selfie thread!

    Don't really do selfies so Mr Prickles came for moral support 😝
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    Show us your pets

    This is Cookie (mum) and Pebbles (daughter). And this is Mr Prickle Pants and very prickly pet lol
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    What do you do when you can't sleep?

    Aww sorry to hear your under the weather nothing worse than a blocked nose when your trying to sleep. Yes he's a real hog he's an African Pigmy Hog, he is meant to belong to my daughter but a boyfriend and the pub has distracted her a bit lol His full name is Mr Prickle Pants haha
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    What do you do when you can't sleep?

    Ok guys I have been an insomniac for months now getting about 4 hours of sleep at the most a night. I've tried so many things without success so now either read my kindle, watch my iPad, Geek of course, Facebook and play with Mr Prickles So what do all you other insomniac do? ☺️