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    CND LED lamp

    I renew the bulbs when necessary, just fancied the new lamp
  2. Krr607

    CND LED lamp

    I renew the bulbs when necessary, just fancied the new lamp
  3. Krr607

    CND LED lamp

    Thanks Trinity. I think I will leave it, I can't justify the expense really if I needbto buy new polishes too.
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    CND LED lamp

    Hi, I am not working as a nail pro currently but still doing my own nails. My old , antique, original cnd shellac lamp still works fine but I would love to buy the latest CND LED lamp. However, it's a huge extravagance just for my own nails. Any feedback on it? Will it cure even my really old...
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    New CND LED lamp, any good?

    Thanks. I am interested in the lamp that was released this year with the removeable base plate
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    New CND LED lamp, any good?

    Hi, my trusty CND UV lamp is on it's last legs. I am tempted to buy the new CND lamp but can't find any unbiased reviews. Anyone using it? Is it worth the money? Will it cure even my oldest shellac ?
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    Is this an allergy? (not my work!)

    This looks very much like subungual hyperkeratosis to me. It's a form of psoriasis and as such non contagious. I suffer from it. The skin under nail grows too much causing the nail to lift. The skin can crack and be painful. A gp probably will not recognise it as it is rare. IIwentI totatot...
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    How can I make my own natural nails stronger?

    Hi, Brisa lite smoothing gel has been a god send for me. My nails naturally are weak, bendy and even shellac wouldn't last a week. Now with Brisa lite my shellac lasts as long as I want and I am literally filing down the length weekly! It's superb stuff!
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    CND Charmed Collection

    This is a US company though so I don't know about here in UK. I really really want them, my bank account is still recovering from the forbidden collection and fab additives but I NEED these! Hope someone else knows more soon.
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    CND Charmed Collection

    CND Holiday Shellac Duos & Additives Collection I can't seem to attach the pic, hopefully the link will work.
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    CND Charmed Collection

    Does anyone know the answer? I got an email from a US website today and they look fabulous, will we get them over here?
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    Mica pigments from Colour Shack

    Wowee! They look great, I have to have a go at this!
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    Help.. where to train

    Hi, nail harmony Uk would be the obvious choice as they are the UK distributors of Gelish. They have a wide range of courses. I did my manicure training with them which included gelish training. Good luck.
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    Which is your best brush ever?

    CND ProSeries Gel Flat Square #6 Brush without a doubt, usually give it a little wipe with a lint free wipe and it's good to go.