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  • Hiya, just seen your post on eyelash tint. Do you use on eyebrows as well? Also how long do you find on average that it lasts for both?
    Hope you dont mind me asking.
    Hi there.....just had to leave a message to say your Shellac pic's are amazing...lovely work well done!
    For neon/UV, I like the Kryolan liquids; did a fab Tron body painting with those a few years ago. Got a couple of 400W UV cannons waiting for a good opportunity to use them too but have just been *so* busy working (I need a *long* holiday to chill out and do nice creative stuff lol). I definitely prefer the liquids to the UV colours in Aquacolor cake though, as the cake colours go on a bit patchy in my experience, whereas the colour of the liquids is much more consistent. Fardel also do a nice set of UV liquids though, Fardel Cosmetics
    Ah that's OK; definitely agree with you on the Grimas generally being great for blending though; although I prefer Snazaroo for red and orange over Grimas (I guess some brands excel at some colours, while other brands excel at others). I started out using Grimas though, and it's probably my favourite brand overall (although I love Snazaroo's "electric" colours)... I like Kryolan too, particularly for UV, and their "interferenz" range...
    Hi hun, can I pick your brain please, I'm going to take nvq2 beauty therepy from September, I already do nails, tans and waxing but after a car crash making some life choices for me, I want to take things as far as I can in a direction I have passion for.
    I love makeup, wearing it, learning about it, practicing different technics, I think you are like that too?
    So I was wondering, how far have you taken your quals and what has helped you the most. Any advise would be great. Thank you xx
    Hi Katie

    Just thought I would say hi - I sat next to you last year when Bio Sculpture came over for their workshop - how you doing? This site is so addictive isn't it?
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