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  • Hiya hunni, long time no speak, hope you're well? How are you getting on? Hope business is thriving for you :) thank you for the lovely picture comment xxx
    no prob thanks for all the great comments its good to build up a good reputation for offering quality training.
    Glad to hear you have completed them, send them to the correspondance address... hopefully will see you over the summer at our new training school opening up for more training x
    R u the lady I trained with in Romford??? If so how are you getting on??? Did a set yesterday - took 2 hours and only got half a set on!!! Beautymammax
    thanks for the be fair my reply was a tad politer than yours LOL

    how the heck are you these days anyhoos ;0))
    no problem at all doll, you were abit of a natural, good luck, get cracking with your case studies and post to me asap xx
    Well yesterday we were applying lashes for 2.5hrs and the trainer said I'd pretty much applied a full set. But she said Even when we're confident and competant it'll probably still take around 2hrs. I did my training with flirties x
    It's fine hunni, it's just very intricate, lots of concentration needed, but other than that the procedure itself is easy to remember! :) you'll be great I'm sure!! Really is brilliant tho! :) hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow! I've got a set to do tonight and 3 booked in next week, they are my case studies, afterthat I'll be charging a bit until really confident xx enjoy xx
    Heya Hun!! Did training today & you are going LOVE it!! Such a fab treatment!! Let me know how you get on! :) xx
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