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  • Thanks for the rep hun, she actually managed to annoy me, cheats are as bad as thieves imo xxxx
    It's from 10:30-4:30, (with lunch break I hope) will have to leave home about 7 just to make sure I get there in time. Ooooh yes that's good news, sitting down is a must, can you imagine how killer standing would be for your back...OUCH... mines already buggered, really must take more care of myself! Yup got a few ladies lined up, will have to put out a mail on FB to drum up some more 'victims', although after reading your thread the other day I was shocked at how bleeding cheeky some people can be!! Did make me chuckle a bit tho, I dont know where people get the balls to say things like that!! xxx
    He he! Feel free, I'll be buzzing still, even after a 2 1/2 drive home, prob best to ask then as come the morning no doubt I'd have forgotten most of it....memory like a goldfish springs to mind! xx
    I've got my fingers crossed for you... but it's making it terribly awkward to type! :) Mine is the 2nd April! How come you changed dates? Still far too over excited!! Im like a kid at christmas! LOL xx
    No such luck! :( I was kinda hoping some lovely person would have bought you an event ticket as a gift!! But you do have your lash course soon, only a few more sleeps!! Whoo hoooo! Xx
    Oh Hun, sorry I'm rubbish!! Happy Birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a fab day!! xx
    Hope you had a good weekend chick! I am still going to my day job this morning so yep you guessed massive win!! :( xx
    Ah poo bums! I did not win the lottery!...Will try again tomorrow! Hope you're well chick xx
    Well if all goes to plan & I win the lottery tomorrow night I'll get you a ticket!! Fingers crossed! It is all so expensive, but in the long run hopefully soooooo worth it!! N'nite xx
    :-D Chris says he doesn't feel like he's suffering alone now!! Poor boys!! Right I'm being summond to watch CSI now :( been lovely chatting to you hun!! Catch up with you soon! Oh, one last thing, are you going to The Event? T'would be wicked if you were xx
    Oh wow, so you'll be able to give me a few pointers then, you'll have a whole few days practice before I'm started!! ;) Ah yeah, heather commented on the thread, she seems nice and obviously knows her stuff! I'm not sure if I should watch the videos...I'm driving my fella mad all ready, he's given up even trying to look interested now! Ooops! That's why I love this site, it makes me feel a whole lot better knowing there's other peeps as mad as I am on the beauty biz!! Right then, it looks like April is going to be fab for you & me.... a new adventure in the world of lashes!! BRING IT ON!! Xx
    ha ha ha!! Yep, have been doing cluster lashes since last June, they've been really popular with the 'younger' girlies, have managed not gauge any eyes out or glue bottoms to tops so hopefully I'll be ok, although I have no idea what to expect, only what I've read on here! Have you booked your training yet? If not, book it for the 2nd and come up with me! whoop whoop :) xx
    Most definately up for some note swapping! You'll probably notice a thread or 2 From me after the 2nd April...most of them panic stricken having stuck some eyelids's all a learning curve! Lol! xx
    Thanks for the lovely reply on my lash thread hunni! Let me know how you get on with your lash training!! Ooooh how exciting :) xx
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