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  • Thanks for the rep, and good luck with your new business!
    Your website's really pretty, btw x Cathy
    cool good luck, she accepted me earlier so shes about. Your post just reminded me of myself wen i wanted to learn... i was gonna go there an train with the company direct but wen she said she trained i was there. x
    yeah she is accredited with the guild. i had to do 5 case studies. Its a 1 day course, pm her. i added her earlier and told her id mentioned her.. shes the queen on lashes where we live... after me of course lol x
    i teach on the odd occassion for her, we started out together in 90s she runs training academy in romford. she tought me lashes with same products x might b of no use to u jus see ya post
    my friend does this at her training salon she uses same product and i paid £350 with kit x shes is at a romford salon shes on here halls of ivy

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you.

    I have recently started doing glitter tatoos and am offering them at fetes/school discos etc.

    Reading on of your older threads I see that you have done a few fetes etc so wanted to pick your brains.

    How much would you advise charging per tattoo? I don't want to price it too high but I will also be giving half back to the school as well so need to make it worth my while.

    Can you give me a little advice from your experience?:rolleyes:

    Thanks very much

    Hiya, thanks for all the advice it's all been taken on board. How great is it that you live in Coulsdon! I used to live in Coulsdon but now I actually live in Kenley to be more specific!
    I see you work in a spa, where is it you work?
    I've been looking at nail courses on essentials nails really stuck on whether I should invest so much money :-s I see your a nail geek so fancy enlightening me lol
    Hey hunni! Ahhh im so glad she enjoyed it,was lovely to meet her and she done soooo well she had great rythem and kept a nice flow she will do wellxxx
    Can't give you rep, but I want to, on the smoking thread. Smokers smell. And your business is NOT a democracy, it's your business!
    I know so hot it , would be lovely to have air con , I'll pop to sainsburys later in the car lol x any excuse to stay cool x
    Hi, kylie just popped in to say hello to you, and to say I like reading your posts most interesting :hug:
    Hi kylie thanks so much for your offer but Helen my trainer has lent me one! Thank you for being so kind and helpful!
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