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  • Hi there,
    Thanks for your message.
    Bottom line is that some people are just rude! Just cause they have their training and god forbid anyone should want to learn anything from them!! hehe
    It's like their credability might shred a little with every bit of info they give out!
    I shant be asking anyone for help with my coursework thats for sure!!
    Still, looks like most are friendsly folk so i shall stick around.
    Mel x
    Hi kylieb
    just thought i would say hello and well done for sticking up for those asking for help with their coursework, I have just posted a reply to the thread asking for a picture, dont know if it is any good.
    hello, im now booked on to the september course with cnd which is held north london.... start on 22nd sept and exam is on 30th oct! so excited.

    how you been ?? you at college now doing level 3?? or do you do a saturday a month for it as thats what i do for my one in childcare although i may give it up as i really wanna concentrate on nails now!
    hey hun, no sorry dont do waxing but after nail training probably will look into it along with threading and lash extensions. Im just getting into the profession to be honest, looking to do the cnd foundation before xmas. i do my own hair glue in extensions stagered in sides, and that about it im afraid at the mo.... Im a registered childminder at the mo but want out and to start something new!
    Im also just learning to drive with theory on 17th sept, and then booking test !!! ahhhh its all go with my own 2 under 5s also...
    How about you??? what you do?? and what you looking to do future wise?? other than move lol!
    hello, i just thought id say hi.... you only live down the road hehehe :)

    Louisa p.s added you as a friend hope thats ok
    hey im just soooo glad 4 ya xxx ya welcom hun good luck with and fingers crossed 4 lots more xx
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