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    LVL help needed!

    I have to be brutally honest here Hun. I don’t think you’ll have a leg to stand on if you haven’t done a patch test. Wavers don’t mean anything these days. You should always patch test. If you can’t then you can send it out but I won’t even do that. I’d call up your insurance company for some...
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    Instant Glam

    Hey Maxine, you was on my course hunni :) xx
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    Sticky bottles of CND Shellac

    You could use either really hun. I only use scrub fresh cos i find it less oily thats all. What brushes hun, your shellac ones? make sure you are rolling the bottles before application. It could be that its hot and your applying too slowly maybe? xx
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    Royalty free radio for salon?

    It probably because the people that are posting don't have £200 to just chuck away when they are first starting out. So its nice for you that you can't be bothered but some people have to be bothered!
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    Sticky bottles of CND Shellac

    Yep me too. just wipe it with some scrub fresh xx
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    Beautician timings on treatments

    I think you are being a bit harsh as well. I book out 1 hour for Shellac french because i am a perfectionist and i'd rather take longer getting it right than quicker getting it wrong. At the end of the day for the extra 15 mins more you give her - 1. your client will be happy with a better job...
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    Instant Glam

    It's a brilliant course. You won't be disappointed! Miranda is lovely! xx
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    Confusion about getting lashes wet!

    Ive never heard of washing them. Why would you do that? x
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    Sienna X lovers

    They are supposed to but half of my blinkin clients are able to go in there with their friends and buy stuff. Im glad capital are no longer allowed to sell it :)
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    Double/triple punctuation, is it necessary?

    Does it even matter? It's not hurting anyone!
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    CND Shellac new colours for Autumn: Forbidden Collection

    Boring!! When will they bring out colours that are completely different to what we ALREADY have? I live in hope everytime but i'm disappointed everytime. My clients are too :(
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    Neon Shellac colours

    I gave up waiting for CND to bring some neons out so purchased Gelish. Amazing!!! I actually prefer it to Shellac. You should try it hun. I personally cba with the faffing around with trying to get colours. All I want to do is just paint them on. Time is money! xx
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    Don't believe the hype?!

    Myscara was an absolute sham I think for everyone not just me. Lash perming also. I wasn't sure about body wraps but they have been a huge success. Hopi ear candles for me are just one of those things that I get asked for now and then. Mainly for people's husbands!
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    19 new Shellac colours for 2013

    I definitely want to see neons and a baby green but they've never listened to us so they will probably continue to bring out the same old colours that are like one shade up from the ones we already have. Huff!
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    Help with eyelash extensions!

    A lot of insurance companies will only insure you for what you have trained in. So by switching to a different glue etc could invalidate your insurance. Double check first x