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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    They could be damaged, but you won't know until the acrylic comes off. You are best off messaging your nail tech for advice :)
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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Ah sorry I didn't realise this was your natural length. Yes the tech can simply soak off the acrylic and hopefully leave your natural nails in tact, depending on their condition underneath the acrylic. Although unless your natural nails are super strong, I don't think polish-only is suitable...
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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Hey, I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at here? Are these acrylic extensions grown out that you have painted over yourself at home? I would ask your nail tech first, to see what they want you to do. But I would cut them down pretty short and book in for an infill
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    Liquid and powder question help

    Are we discussing different threads here? I can't see how our replies to her first or second thread were a closed door. My reply to her first question "Who are you training with? You should contact your training provider for support first. Failing that, please post the question in here so...
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    Liquid and powder question help

    @gc2233 I can absolute see where you are coming from with this. This site cuts out a lot of the namby-pamby "niceness" that you'll find on Facebook. When I joined here, I thought a lot of members were very blunt and I was scared. But you get real advice and support. The problem with the...
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    Honey wax method advice

    Groupon? What do you mean? Is this a good way to get in new business? Do you still get paid the same way?
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    Rent options

    I rent a room, but only because I also offer face/body waxing. A room will probably cost you more, so if you have no intention of offering more than just nails, a desk should be fine. As long as you have enough room for all of your supplies, that is. If you are nails-only, do you have enough...
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    Nail lamp recommendations

    hi again, ideally you would stick to one brand. I was a bluesky lover until I did some research and spent time here and on another group. And the gel bottle? Well that’s a whole other can of worms. I won’t get into it on here, but definitely have a look into TGB, we absolutely do not recommended...
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    Nail lamp recommendations

    Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Please have a read through the thread I linked above.
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    Nail lamp recommendations

    What website are you looking on? I can try and help Also which gel brand are you using? Are you a qualified professional? X
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    Urgent visor face mask advice needed

    That's good to know. I felt so suffocated with glasses, mask and visor, especially in the heat. I just don't know what the solution would be.
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    Nail lamp recommendations

    You should use the lamp recommended by your gel brand of choice, i.e if you use CJP, use CJP's lamp. There is no such thing as a universal lamp. UV lamps explained - (why any old lamp just won’t do!). UPDATED September 2019
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    Nail tech training

    Sorry I can't offer any help at all with training in the US... BUT I wanted to wish you the best of luck!!! I've followed your nail journey for a while and I think your nail perfectionism is gonna help you with creating the most pretty nails 🥰❤
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    Lash and brow tint

    WHAT?! I struggle getting most new clients in for a patch test regardless! says "We recommend an allergy test (Patch test) 48-72 hours before the first application as well as after long periods without tinting. " "long periods" is a bit vague... Thanks for letting...
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    2/3 week infills

    WOAAAAH $90 for acrylics?! I need to raise my prices 🤣 kidding, if this lady is a Grand Master Technician, I'm sure she will be fab and worth every penny. Good luck!