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    Eyelash extension help

    Hey! I would absolutely recommend taking a practical course, even if it means travelling, there are loads out there. Perhaps the lash techs in your area run their own lash courses? There's just some things that can't be explained online. On my training, they would immediately point out what was...
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    Lash retention, please help!

    ok so I cleansed with tonight’s client, so I’ll see how she gets on. Sets are taking anywhere between 1:45 and 2:30 hours at the moment but only because I can tell the clients are getting physically uncomfortable. I could definitely carry on for 3 hours plus and get them really thick and how I...
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    Lash retention, please help!

    Thanks for your reply. I do have the flirties cleanser so I will give that a go (I’ve got a client in about 5 mins). I know sensitive glue is not all that long lasting, but after speaking to someone locally they said that a quicker glue will give better retention but only once your lash...
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    Lash retention, please help!

    I qualified in lash extensions with Ellisons back in March (just over a week before lockdown!!) so I only had maybe 3/4 practices before a huge break. I started lashing again about 6 weeks ago, making it very clear that I am still practising and therefore only charging £10 a set. I'd say I've...
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    Track & Trace advice

    BABTAC have said "If you are in England or Wales you need to display a QR poster". I guess "need" means it's a legal requirement. We will ask people to scan it themselves or we will scan it on their behalf if they aren't tech savvy. Although hopefully it will be a straightforward process for us...
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    Shellac with Bluesky top coat?

    Yes! I swear by bluesky topcoat and base. There seems to be some bad reviews from a few years ago, so I am assuming they have improved their formula...
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    E-file prices

    Hi guys, I’m a relatively new nail tech, (gel only, no acrylic) and only really use my e-file for cuticle work as I find hand filing is All I need for the main prep. I bought my e-file from amazon for no more than £25 and honestly I haven’t found an issue with it, there’s very little vibration...
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    Bluesky top coat and base dripping issues

    I got in touch with bluesky and yes as you said, avoid shaking. They’ve suggested rolling the bottles upright in my palms.
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    Bluesky top coat and base dripping issues

    I’m not sure if this is something anyone else using bluesky topcoat/base has experienced, but every time I use them, it’s as if there’s top coat at the top of the brush(lid end), that ends up dripping on either my hand, my clients hand or my nail table. I have recently purchased fresh bottles so...