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    Which wax for brows?

    Ah amazing, glad I asked, I didn’t even know a sample was a thing! Just had a look and it’s Rio I have now, don’t know how it compares but will give Flirties a shot I only do brows and it’s what I got in my kit when I trained but can’t say I love it! Xx
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    Which wax for brows?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good wax particularly for Brows only? Thanks in advance xx
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    Foundation help!

    Urban Decay Naked Skin is amazing!! So good that Kim K wore it on her wedding day ☺️ X
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    Urban Decays liners are AMAZNG!! Totally waterproof smudgeproof for 24 hours, tonnes of colours, glide on, easy to remove. They've just launched cream liner, pen liner etc too. They sell them in Debenhams :wink2: Hth xx
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    Urban Decay discount?

    Started today :wink2:
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    Urban Decay discount?

    You can in the US but not here :( your best bet is to buy from somewhere like Debenhams and then you'll get your loyalty points and discount when Debenhams have their Spectacular discount weeks! It's amazing the money you can save x
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    Foundation/flash photography/SPFs headache!

    I agree with the above here, I've been in your shoes too, torn between not wanting to spend much and wanting a good foundation that doesn't flash back. I HATE flash back! Foundation is a really important part of a makeup, it can make or break the finished result in my opinion so you're as...
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    Your skincare

    I really like Clarins and some Elemis products too. I cleanse with a Clarisonic in the shower then tone and day cream. At night make up off, cleansing milk, tone, night cream then eye lash serum too!
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    Make up geeks

    Hello, for retail or for using during makeovers? :) x
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    Need new makeup!

    Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and Make Up setting spray! Promise you will fall in love! The spray is amazing for holding your makeup on. Have a wonderful time when it comes :) xx
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    Best foundation

    Have you tried Urban Decay Naked Skin? It gives great coverage and oil free :) hth xx
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    Blackpool and GF Sparkle lifted!

    Hello there, Yes as mentioned use the CND lamp (bulbs ok!) but can't understand why it didn't last on both of us. If it had just been my client I would have thought that she must have been doing something different without realising it, but the fact it was me too has left me baffled, this...
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    Blackpool and GF Sparkle lifted!

    Hi all, I recently applied Blackpool with Grapefruit Sparkle on top to one of my regulars. Did everything as normal and so did she but it lifted off after three days. This has never happened to her before, she usually gets the full fortnight. Anyway I didn't have the heart to tell her...
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    Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

    Wow I feel so incredibly sorry for you :hug: I live my life believing that everything happens for a reason, big time! Although sometimes I wonder why? When I look at my mum caring for my dad I doubt myself. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I never ever take anything for...
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    Gas & electric sky high prices - wood burning stoves a solution?

    My neighbour has one and says it's been the biggest mistake ever! Heats up one room and that's it. And it takes a while to actually heat up a freezing room in Scotland!! X