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  • Hi there! Saw your name on my visitors list n though I'd have wee nosey at you too xx hope your gud n njoyn the sunshine xx
    Hi there

    Sorry for the delay in replying!

    here is the link

    the owners name is marilyn and she is wonderful!

    Good Luck!

    Welcome to Liquid Sun Rayz :: Competition Spray Tanning
    hey lovey!!! :hug: Where have you been hiding? :eek:
    I've been away for a while too....just busy really...but then I popped back on one day and what happens??? I got addicted again :lol: and I had been doing sooooooo well...
    anyway it's nice to be back...and DO POST again...don't be a wallflower!!!
    Lovely to see you again and I hope you are keeping well...xxxxxxxxxx

    i just found one of your posts for the job in your salon and was wondering if there are any spaces for spray tanning? as i have been qualified in this for almost 2 years now, i am also interested in gaining as much experience as possible i have recently gained full qualifications in beauty therapy and also the NSI course if you are interested? i only ask because i live very close to the knutsford area and am interested in a career in beauty and am trying to gain as much experience as possible, even if it is just part time, thanks for your time reading this.

    haven't seen you about in a while. you OK?
    off to do a colon massage course tomorrow, very excited about it!
    Hey I missed you...damn!!!
    Hope you are well my sweety....all is going swimmingly on here :D xxxxxxxxxxxx
    LOL....your blog scared me because you said you wouldn't have t'internet for a while :eek:
    Nice to see you have some way of getting back to us though...can't you live at your mums for now? :lol:
    Hope everything is going well on the house and business...You take care and don't forget us Xxxxxxxxxxxxx :hug:
    I saw mercedes 69 on your vistor messages saying something i thought you had been told off. Not missing anything in the Isle of mann, nice people but only a small island, I missed the shops, noise of a city and my husband and son. what have you decided to do about facials.

    Have you been posting in the wrong forum....
    how is the salon coming on, I have been training salon in the Isle of Mann this week. Speak to you soon

    I figured it was something like that....when you say laalot it sounded just like my daughter who had a best friend called Charlotte and she used to say it like that.... :D
    I will keep it to myself....just glad I know now...!!!
    Thanks sweetie pie!!!!
    I can never understand why people get worked up over where threads should be..which forum it should be etc.. I just read what I want to read...I couldn't care less where it has been placed :lol:
    Glad you understood my post anyway....I know what I want to say a lot of the time...I just struggle to make it see sense :D
    ( forgive me...but what is your name...or do I call you Laalot? :o )
    The ducklings are gorgeous, i love it when you see them swimming after their parents, its so cute! You cant move house and leave them!
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